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The Ninth Rune

Ice and hail
destroy my enemies
yet my shelter does not fail

Names - HAGAL - hail, HAGALAZ - hail, HAGL - hail, HAGALL - hail

The symbolic representation of this rune is a shelter from the destructive force of natures hailstorm. It is fairly easy to envision the cross-bar stave between the two upright staves providing the shelter under which safety from the storm could be found
The concepts that surround Hagalaz recognize that the destructive potential for hail out of season is balanced by the potential for transformation that will bring new fertility and growth.
It can be seen as representative of the cosmic "egg", the primal layered egg of ice that was transformed in combination with fire. Out of the primal chaos (which we think of as destructive) comes a tangible force that carries the potential for transformation. The transformation from destruction to fertility comes after "being tossed by the winds".
Hagal represents a dramatic event or trauma which comes from outside your own immediate perceptions. It represents a deep reshaping. The rune is deeply integrated into the mysteries of renewal through destruction, the shaman who, like Odin, loses all in order to find his or her own personal power.
It can also find use in defensive magic both by invoking the protection inherent in Hagal for yourself, and also for calling down the destructive power of Hagal upon enemies less prepared to withstand the storm than yourself. Of course, to be successful in this, you should be pretty sure that you are more prepared for the destruction of the storm than your rival.

As it is my rune, in my own personal version, I'd like it to be a tribute to my beloved KEITOLOGY :*

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Comments on this photo:

Mar 24 2008 17:45 GMT TRICKS4U
awwww, powerful words,description and tribute to your partner in crime KEIT.

I like cosmic eggs on toast :)
Mar 24 2008 17:49 GMT SlowCheeetah
hehe... this rune is really important for me.... and Keit is one who showed me that .... it helps me to survive in a very sad and hard moments of my life.... I am really grateful to her for that :)))))

ft was not the same without you :)))
Mar 24 2008 17:58 GMT TRICKS4U
awww, I'll try to spice it up for ya :)))

She is an amazing friend to you, this I've learned through observing the the two of you on here. I'm lucky to have met both of you here xxoo
Mar 24 2008 18:01 GMT SlowCheeetah
and we are lucky to know you as well :))))))))))

Mar 24 2008 18:18 GMT ButterflyWings
happy 9 :)))
Mar 24 2008 18:21 GMT SlowCheeetah
Mar 24 2008 18:24 GMT backstreets PRO
Excellent work !!
Mar 24 2008 18:25 GMT SlowCheeetah
thank you :)
Mar 24 2008 19:15 GMT SlowCheeetah
I hope not :)))))
Mar 24 2008 19:22 GMT paparazziboy
I only looked at the image and holy wows!, Brilliant!
Mar 24 2008 19:36 GMT sayalio
Terrific, my dear! Deeply impressed!
Mar 24 2008 19:38 GMT SlowCheeetah
wow!!! thank you for your comment :)))
Mar 24 2008 20:32 GMT abojovna PRO
Thank you!

I found poem Odin and the Poetul by my favour poet Mihai Eminescu, the last European poet of mystic and romantism in English

Mar 24 2008 20:37 GMT SlowCheeetah
awww.... thank you so much :))))))))
Mar 24 2008 20:55 GMT abojovna PRO
With pleasure! I read Mihai Eminescu in original, I not like translation of poetry!
Mar 24 2008 21:02 GMT Keitology
Moja kochana ;-)) dziękuję za ciepłą pamięć i tribute
Najważniejsze, że obcowanie z tym sprawia ci ulgę i napełnia nadzieją X
Bardzo cieszę się, że zrobiłaś sobie swoją Hagal, jak wiesz bardziej ufam tym osobistym przejawom intuicji jako *łączności* niż gotowcom :)
dla mnie Hagal zawsze pozostanie moim tajemnym mostem podświadomości i świadomości, panią ciemnej strony a i twoja interpretacja ukazuje ładnie złożoność tego, co mam na myśli i także ciemny woal, który hagal niesie by w końcu brutalnie go zrzucić i pokazać nam tak dużo, że nikt już nigdy nie nazwie nas ślepcami

Mar 24 2008 21:22 GMT SlowCheeetah
cieszę się że ci się spodobała moja interpretacja .... włożyłam w to sporo pracy ..... jeszcze raz dziękuję za Hagal :)
Mar 24 2008 23:53 GMT damansara71
You're really an artist!!! Very nice abstract!!!
Mar 25 2008 01:02 GMT aquiles PRO
Mar 25 2008 09:20 GMT SlowCheeetah
thank you so much :)
Mar 25 2008 09:23 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Did you draw this ??? it would be nice to draw all ..... fav
Mar 25 2008 09:59 GMT SlowCheeetah
yes I did :)))

thank you :)
Mar 25 2008 10:05 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Its an amazing image .........
Mar 25 2008 20:12 GMT SlowCheeetah
Mar 25 2008 21:01 GMT Keitology
Mar 25 2008 22:36 GMT SlowCheeetah
całuski :**
Mar 26 2008 08:09 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Dzień dobry ;-))
Mar 26 2008 08:58 GMT juanse
beautiful words and work....
Mar 26 2008 19:35 GMT SlowCheeetah
Dobry wieczór Gary :))
Mar 26 2008 19:35 GMT SlowCheeetah
hello Juanse... nice to see you back.... thank you for comment :)
Mar 26 2008 21:07 GMT Keitology
Mar 26 2008 21:20 GMT ButterflyWings
no i kości zostały rzucone... witam gang graczy :)))
Mar 26 2008 22:23 GMT SlowCheeetah
hehe... fajnie było musisz do nas dołączyć
Mar 27 2008 09:15 GMT Keitology
z takim logo jak hagal to loże masońską pobijemy lol ;-)
Mar 27 2008 19:03 GMT SlowCheeetah
o tak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
Apr 06 2008 23:47 GMT Keitology
to wciąż powoduje mój uśmiech :)
Apr 09 2008 22:59 GMT SlowCheeetah