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Inspired by the pic used for Challenge 68 - My first Beetle - he's a wreck in these shots. I think I bought him for 300. It was only the stubborn understains holding his rust together by this point. I took evening welding classes but neglected to take motor maintenance which would have given me more of an idea what to weld. In fact, it became clear that I needed a new car for my wing mirror in the end :(

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Comments on this photo:

Feb 22 2007 21:24 GMT Midworlder PRO
Vintage !!!!!
Feb 22 2007 21:30 GMT Sketty PRO
Wrecked !!!!!
Feb 22 2007 21:30 GMT LizSA
doh.........dowwe dolla.....::::::::
Feb 22 2007 22:04 GMT AlisonBC
Beep Beep!
Feb 22 2007 22:41 GMT ijbison PRO
What was this old geezer called then? Rusty? Chip?
Feb 22 2007 22:46 GMT Sheila PRO
Beautiful old banger! Bet you loved him to bits!
Feb 22 2007 22:51 GMT Sketty PRO
....erm, 'Ballbag'
Feb 23 2007 06:39 GMT bazer PRO
yours is the best profile in the known world and bits of bedford would appear im goin to end up the same way but not with out a fight or though i do like cats have a cool day sketty ;-] made me smile !!!!
Feb 23 2007 18:48 GMT Sketty PRO
Well cheers baz - let's make a pact that when we get really old, we'll coat ourselves in something revolting to cats on a daily basis so they don't end up eating us when we eventually keel over.....
Feb 23 2007 20:57 GMT bazer PRO
thats a done deal ;-] i will sleep the sleep of angels dont forget wrap your head in foil LOL ;-];-];-]thems is out there !!!!!!!;-]
Mar 02 2007 20:31 GMT beedabee
Oh my.. poor car ...
Apr 03 2007 19:07 GMT hevychevy PRO
its herbie but he is orangish red