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From the archive: Tim and Lavy (aka Fart Arse Mark) at Stoneleigh Beetle show. It is my dubious honour to claim Lavy as my boyfriend of the time. He used to cry because he wasn't a carpenter (?) and because his last girlfriend had left him.

....the relationship didn't last much longer after that episode
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 26 2005 12:23 GMT Jagged PRO
A farting, whining, crying, failed carpenter. Man, that's got to be attractive!
Nov 26 2005 12:39 GMT santolina
STill, Josef Stalin in your bedroom seems a bit more appropriate :)
Nov 26 2005 17:25 GMT curves PRO
heheheheh......Nobody made you date him
Nov 26 2005 18:13 GMT stuboy
I don't know what's up with you, he sounds lovely
Nov 26 2005 18:36 GMT Sketty PRO
Hey Curves, he was interesting with a great car when I fancied him. It was only when I got to know him that I discovered he was a mental cripple! I gave him something else to cry about in the end :)
Nov 26 2005 20:06 GMT RiverRabbit
Sketty.... You are a hard woman..!!!

Nov 26 2005 21:17 GMT canis PRO
It's a scarring experience, being made redundant from a job you love, the work you *LOVE* to do. You spend more waking time with your work than you do your family, and then BAM! Now you gotta sign on for benefit. And prove you aren't a ponger off the state. And apply for jobs at Burger King or wherever, and accept rejection from them. You gotta stand in the queue for an emergency payout among the heroin users at the dole office, because the cheque never arrived. Etc etc etc ... I challenge anyone to go through that and no be mentally crippled. It crippled me for two years.
Nov 26 2005 23:15 GMT Sketty PRO
But he never was made redundant, he worked in a factory. He just always WANTED to be a carpenter. He never thought to train as a carpenter, never applied for jobs as a carpenter, never did carpentry in his spare time and when I suggested he should do these things in order to gain experience in carpentry he would agree at the time then never bloody well do it and start crying again a few weeks later. That's enough to wear any girlfriend down if you ask me, and as for crying about the last one who dumped you in front of the new one? Well, that's a totally new level of stupidity if you ask me.
Nov 27 2005 03:51 GMT canis PRO
*chuckles* Hmm, yes i see your point then. That really is rather obtuse. As for the crying-about-the-last-g/f-in-front-of-the-new-one thing ... *boggle*