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A selection of the fine birthday booty offerings passed to me in exchange for a good crop and harmonious living...

- camper money box (to save for my camper), smiley face lollypop, perfume, one of the little characters from a set of Howl's Moving Castle figures, day of the week socks (in case I get confused), an elephant atop a giant sheep, one of those lighty up light things, a mug, Sirius Black (phwoor), a rock with a face, heart necklace, hair clip thing, notelets, an island for turtles, heart necklace, bead necklace, VW CD case

It's great being a grown up
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 03 2007 13:28 GMT bazer PRO
hAPPIST bIRTHDAY sKETTY hope its the Best one yet ;-];-];-];-]
Oct 03 2007 16:14 GMT LizSA
Happy Birthday... 30th Sept...
well you did get Perfume......!!
Oct 03 2007 18:41 GMT ldhill62
nice selection :))
Oct 03 2007 19:56 GMT AlisonBelinda
Hope you had a soopa day!
Oct 03 2007 23:37 GMT ijbison PRO
You can scarcely see my tiny little prezzo amongst this collection. I know, I know, size isn't everything. As I've been told on several occasions....
Oct 03 2007 23:50 GMT Sketty PRO
Ah, but this is but one of the things you got me. The rest have been well distributed/attached to my posessions. 'sides, your pressie shows you actually listen to the crap I go on and on about and that means heaps :)
Oct 04 2007 00:25 GMT LisaSam67
ohhhh happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 07 2007 03:22 GMT Pueo PRO
happy birthday Sketty7... You make me smile