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The Optimistic Bananas

(they just hang there believing that one day they will make a tasty meal or will prevent the rumbling of a household tummy)

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Comments on this photo:

Sep 08 2007 00:59 GMT alhoafun
hahaha -we also have some optomistic fruits!
Sep 08 2007 05:58 GMT stuboy
I've got an optomistic brain

(it just sits there believing that one day I'll use it)
Sep 08 2007 07:29 GMT ldhill62
interesting :))
Sep 08 2007 18:08 GMT dave43
could you save them for our goats, they love the skins!
Sep 08 2007 19:21 GMT ijbison PRO
But you just know that their day WILL come, when there's no other food in the house and if Phoe's not at home, a desperate Sketty will look upon these as salvation. And it'll probably involve setting fire to the kitchen somehow.
Sep 08 2007 19:51 GMT Sketty PRO
Shit Bison, you know me so well, frankly it scares me
Sep 08 2007 20:28 GMT bazer PRO
Freee The Banannas there people too...... looks like we are to late thay have hung them selves Fruiteside sob such a waste of young fruit thay will be missed sob wimper ect
Sep 08 2007 23:20 GMT ander
reminds me of my inlaws
Sep 10 2007 01:29 GMT PhotoPro PRO
this happens way too often in our house!!! :-))
Sep 10 2007 15:21 GMT Steve PRO
Well, someone has to say it, for an anally obsessive spelling checker, I'm surprised you can't spell optimistic Sket! :-)
Sep 10 2007 17:15 GMT Sketty PRO
Ah, but being such a grumpy sod, it isn't a word I should be using on a daily basis so I forgive myself :)
Sep 10 2007 22:05 GMT Steve PRO
Oh OK then! :)