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Tags turtles

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...a quick break from the trial of the cen....week to inform you that TURTLE-ISATION has occurred in the Sketty/Phoenix household.

Yes, meet Denzil, Dave and Errol; secretly purchased out of the birthday money that my Mother told me not to waste :)

All 3 are in shot - can you see 'em all?
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 07 2007 17:36 GMT OverKell PRO
I can see 2.
Oct 07 2007 17:52 GMT Jagged PRO
Do you have any idea how big those things grow and how unpleasant in temperament they are?
Oct 07 2007 17:54 GMT Sketty PRO
These are special ones that only grow to a max of 4" (called Stink Pot terrapins for some reason). As for the temperament, if they can put up with me and mine then I can afford them the same respect :)
Oct 07 2007 17:56 GMT dave43
sure they're not cornish pasties?
Oct 07 2007 18:03 GMT Jagged PRO
Phew! I've known of people unwarily purchasing monster snappers and having no clue what they had. It can be a tad shocking when your tiny terrapin grows two feet long and atttacks you ;)
Oct 07 2007 18:08 GMT Sketty PRO
That'd be hysterical. I'd have another story to tell everyone! The day my turtles went bad and tried to rip off my face.....
Oct 07 2007 19:05 GMT charlotte
were are they going?
Oct 07 2007 19:16 GMT ijbison PRO
I don't like the look of that cornish pasty they're climbing on
Oct 07 2007 21:13 GMT IanB PRO
are you familiar with this song?-

Oct 07 2007 21:23 GMT Sketty PRO
Oh my god - I am now! My little guys ain't no crunchy pies!
Oct 07 2007 21:50 GMT ldhill62
have fun playing with them :))
Oct 07 2007 22:45 GMT CaptainSpaulding
Very cool I have some friends for them
Oct 08 2007 17:29 GMT stinkerly
Oct 09 2007 08:38 GMT Steve PRO
Looks to me like they're making a break for freedom already!
Oct 09 2007 17:42 GMT Sketty PRO
Yeah, but then the thud of shell on wood followed by a small splash was sooo funny
Oct 12 2007 02:51 GMT Pueo PRO
They're probably looking for a nice place to bask. Turtles love a nice sunny warm spot. I don't see turtle #3 though.