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A strokey beard meeting at the Beetle engine. Turns out one of the previous owners had done many a bizarre thing to it. They even found a stretched out wire coathanger shoved in there!
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Comments on this photo:

May 01 2006 22:10 GMT ijbison PRO
I thought the entire car was largely composed of old wire coathangers and such.

Bracing myself for a slap.........
May 01 2006 22:14 GMT stuboy
I think I'd have kept the coat hanger & threw the rest away ;)

Or did they nick the coat hanger ????
May 01 2006 22:15 GMT ijbison PRO
If it's still not right, drive the beast up to Newcastle, where a magician named George can sort all Beetly problems.
May 01 2006 22:26 GMT Sketty PRO
Oooh. Well now. I guess I couldn't slap you for insinuating that the car is made up of wire coathangers 'cause basically you're right :(

It's just the bits of wire, insulating tape and stubborn understains that held it together long enough to get to Brum!

I'm liking the sound of George :)
May 01 2006 22:34 GMT ijbison PRO
George has special powers. One of me mates ran Beetles for years, and George, who lives under the arches at Newcastle station, kept those things running long beyond their natural lifespan. Long beyond.

And welcome back Sketty! How'd yer trip go?
May 01 2006 22:41 GMT stacey PRO
See Alternet or a brief run down under one of your pictures. Got crashed into, laughed at by police, saw the dead comedian John Belushi driving an old VW camper van whilst wearing a fez, got the old engine nicked and much more. Surprisingly I'm alive too :)
May 01 2006 23:06 GMT ijbison PRO
Yeah, but everyone sees Belushi driving a camper. That's a pretty universal experience ;)
May 02 2006 10:30 GMT Steve PRO
Glad to see it (and you) made the trip safely anyhow. :)
May 02 2006 20:17 GMT Marta
Ha ha that's quite funny.
Jan 11 2007 12:44 GMT DGM
Its good they have a spare engine in the trunk>:))