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This is a lovely little Sket. At this stage I'd never:

* Vomited up a restaurant window (it was closed thank goodness)
* ....and in my best friend's car, my own car, or my Gladstone bag full of stuff like cheque books and umbrellas
* Discovered the joys of Snakebite
* Pissed in my own shoes
* Cried that I was going to be dead in the morning
* WISHED I was going to be dead in the morning
* Lost track of time in a ladies toilet (numerous times)
* Drunk texted an internet buddy that he must impregnate me immediately (despite living around 500 miles away)
* Punched a boyfriend in the face
* Made said boyfriend sit next to some speakers in a club despite the feedback in his hearing aid (I'm going to hell for that one)
* Discovered the joys of having enough money to buy a skeleton and some turtles.

....I think I'll leave it there. I've over-confessed enough as it is

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Comments on this photo:

Oct 15 2007 20:25 GMT Sketty PRO
ah, we've all been there in our yoof (she hoped)
Oct 15 2007 20:27 GMT Sheila PRO
I thought better of leaving my comment there but you had already seen it! Aren't there also some great and wonderful things you have done and accomplished that you could have quoted?
Oct 15 2007 20:31 GMT AlisonBelinda
lol. I love the photos and the words, but I have to confess to looking like I do at the moment...and having done none of those things! I guess I haven't lived yet...lol
Oct 15 2007 21:00 GMT Steve PRO
How about; been a stalwart friend with a warm heart, became a great British eccentric (which is NOT bad!) and generally nice person!? :-)
Oct 15 2007 21:13 GMT Phoenix PRO
I think these comments are very funny, some of the stuff I have done, some not, but how cool.......
Oct 15 2007 21:25 GMT ijbison PRO
Over-confessed? Surely you've just got started.


Oct 15 2007 22:52 GMT Sketty PRO
HA HA HA, I forgot about the banana/pants incident in Eastbourne!

As for confessing the good stuff I ever did, well that ain't half as funny as the bad stuff and ruins my reputation as a grumpy old evil sod.

BTW, I've had my karma for confessing - Phoe slammed the back door really hard and for some reason I had my thumb in the gap. I intend to chronicle the disintegration of my thumb nail in all it's blackened glory :)
Oct 15 2007 23:04 GMT ijbison PRO
Oh, you've got to document that. I won't look at the full size pics though, only the 'thumbnails'.

I can only apologize....
Oct 16 2007 04:06 GMT tony PRO
Phoe seems to be instrumental in many injuries to yourself. Why blame karma? Anyway, a brilliantly witty writer like you can well afford to be self-deprecating (no self-defecating having come to light yet in your stories, in contrast to self-urinating).
Oct 16 2007 07:42 GMT stuboy
This picture may well have been before you did all them things but that cheeky grin seems to know what you were going to do.
Oct 16 2007 08:01 GMT ldhill62
now confess to the good things and even it all off :))
Oct 17 2007 08:26 GMT LizSA
the Sketty to come is in that eyes.,... that smile.....
the Sketty to know how to live....love.. love for the world..animals and people
(I never did forget that Xmas Card))...
you could be a writer. for sure... !!