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After having been cruelly 'outed' as the poor sap who humiliated herself in front of her new and appalled colleagues, Sket decided to go the whole hog and disclose the FULL horror of today. I can't find it. Prizes for anyone who can.

why do the Fates hate me so?
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 02 2007 23:53 GMT LizSA
:-)))) go home and have some coffee...!!!
and it happens in the best of families....!!
Nov 03 2007 00:01 GMT stuboy
No, can't find it :(
Nov 03 2007 01:56 GMT LisaSam67
been quite a day then i take it? hahahahahahahahaha

sorry ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys crack me up
Nov 03 2007 05:37 GMT tony PRO
I bet he's talking out of his arse. And he can't spell, either. Perhaps you should start using the pseudonym of Miss Dialed.
Nov 04 2007 00:05 GMT stuboy
I've just spent hours searching for his vid using all the tags I could think of.

It's driving me mad now wondering what the hell it could be.

If it was showing his reaction to getting the text I hope it was something like mine :)
Nov 04 2007 00:58 GMT Sketty PRO
I tend to agree with tony and this guy is talking out of his arse. It's probably ended up as an email viral or something. All his sad mates have received it and they will pass it amongst their own sad mates. Hopefully, in 3 years time one of us will get it ;-)
Nov 04 2007 01:07 GMT stuboy
What I want to know is;
Just how many people did you tell ?

& why ?

Nov 04 2007 01:12 GMT Sketty PRO
I sent it to about 7 people and as for why, well, I'm a serial over-sharer. I seem to have an uncontrolble need to confess to things that embarrass me in case people I know find out any way. I don't know what my inner self thinks is going to happen if someone DOES find out something stupid I've done without pre-warning them, I think I just went wrong somewhere in my wiring
Nov 04 2007 01:22 GMT stuboy
Have you not thought about maybe telling people about the nice & great things that you do ?

Or does that simply just not apply to you ?
Nov 04 2007 01:29 GMT Sketty PRO
Nice is a sign of weakness. I don't actually *do* much nice that I can think of and I certainly wouldn't be egotistical enough to tell people about it! No siree, no one's gonna snigger behind my back and discuss my need for praise ;-)
Nov 04 2007 01:34 GMT stuboy
Yeah, you stick with the disgust girl, that's what you're best at :)
Nov 14 2007 14:56 GMT uwp
I'm maybe just a silent fan but: forget youtube, it's so bad quality, no one will recognize it.Although I'm curious...