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In another dimension, punks are not tall, thin or cool looking. In fact, they are quite short, fat and naked...... I draw your attention to the other dimension stuboy complete with camera ready to take more pics of his mates for the other dimension fotothing.


I need to get a life

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 27 2006 20:33 GMT JotaBoyJon
You think you need a life, im taking photos of a chuffin cucumber! ;))))))))
Jul 27 2006 20:38 GMT stacey PRO
Ha ha, sad fotothing losers unite!
Jul 27 2006 20:47 GMT JotaBoyJon
No mate, we are the winners, we`re avin a farff, aint we ;))))))))))))))))))
Jul 27 2006 21:00 GMT abojovna PRO
He, litlle friends! Nice and funy!
Jul 27 2006 21:01 GMT JotaBoyJon
Larff...even ;))
Jul 27 2006 21:21 GMT Phoenix PRO
...........Yee Gods... I share a place with this girl....... Scary!
Jul 27 2006 21:46 GMT CaptainSpaulding
Stay the way you are we love it.
Jul 27 2006 23:18 GMT CaptainSpaulding
Short, fat and naked I think I must be an other dimension punk.
Jul 28 2006 06:18 GMT stuboy
I bet all these drive a hyundai atoz aswell ;)

You lot think you need to get lives ?????
I've dressed up as a woman, raced snails, stripped a teddy bear, pretended I broke my leg, started an imaginary football team, tried selling my mate, recruited a bunch of idiots & formed the F.F.F army ........the list goes on & on

Jul 28 2006 06:46 GMT mel123uk
Sketty, did these trolls come from under the same bridge in the lake district we sit under, I recognise the one on the left.... I never forget a beard;)
Jul 28 2006 18:09 GMT Sketty PRO
Mel, indeed!

I'll let you into a secret tho. I gelled their hair with prit stick and got it stuck all over my fingers. Once I'd cut and styled their hair it was stuck all over my hands and I'm STILL finding bits of yellow beard attached to myself!
Jul 29 2006 17:17 GMT Pueo PRO
you never cease to surprise and amuse me.

Troll power!
Jul 30 2006 12:13 GMT maniax
I've had one of these :)
Jul 30 2006 12:15 GMT ferrariwalter
Funny image! :-D :-D
Jul 30 2006 20:57 GMT ijbison PRO
What the hell has the other blue-haired one just whispered to the red-haired one to cause that expression? Yellow-hair seems keen to distance himself from the whole affair.
Jul 30 2006 21:24 GMT Sketty PRO
Hahaha, now Mr Bison has made me spit diet coke all over the keyboard! I had noticed that no one was in posession of visible genitalia so it could be something to do with that (unless they are sumo punks and have the ability to suck the lot up inside them)
Jul 30 2006 21:37 GMT ijbison PRO
Actually, Red has a freaky star-shaped belly-button. Almost like some kind of orifice.....Ah, now I just feel unwell :(
The anatomy of other-dimensional plastic punks is a subject best left unexplored.
Aug 01 2006 17:36 GMT Molli
Really nice !
Aug 01 2006 18:11 GMT HassanN
nice freaks
Aug 01 2006 18:33 GMT backstreets PRO
i very much apreciate your creativity !!!
Aug 03 2006 17:00 GMT Sketty PRO
Erm, I'm more than 10 years older than your daughter. Perhaps I should grow up myself :(
Sep 11 2006 08:15 GMT LittleMissFang
I am soo afraid right now lol
Sep 11 2006 12:39 GMT Sketty PRO
You should be. Decided which one is most like the other dimensional you yet?