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RIP my sweet little soldier.

Pic taken by Fotothinger Phoenix and meant for her page.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 11 2008 21:23 GMT moniqpl
oh, S... I'm so sorry to hear that :((
Nov 11 2008 21:26 GMT Doody PRO
RIP little super hero :-(((
Nov 11 2008 21:30 GMT ldhill62
shame :(
Nov 11 2008 22:37 GMT CaptainSpaulding
So sorry to here this :(
I hope You, Phoenix and Batdog are ok
The two of you made shore he had a good life sheared with the friends he loved
Thank you for shearing him with us he will be missed but with nice fun memories’
RIP Batfool
Nov 11 2008 23:20 GMT IanB PRO
Oh no, that's a shame. Batfool couldn't have had better guardians though.

Nov 11 2008 23:31 GMT stuboy
Fuck, that's really sad.
I'm so sorry for all of you.
My thoughts are with you xxxxxxxx
Nov 11 2008 23:46 GMT JotaBoyJon
Sad news :( Good vibes from up north coming down to you all.
Nov 12 2008 01:53 GMT Sketty PRO
Cheers all. We're absolutely gutted. I guess being sad loser girls with no boyfriends, kids or lives so to speak we kinda consider the furry lads to be our best mates. The last 6 months saw Batfool go down hill significantly and he was in a really bad way. This picture was taken this afternoon in the park and was meant for Phoenix's Fotothing but she was so upset she didn't realise she was logged on as me.
Nov 12 2008 03:00 GMT Jagged PRO
Bad news mate. Really sorry to hear it, but he had a fine life on craggy rock with you two nutters.
Nov 12 2008 03:58 GMT tony PRO
Despite the Captain's comments, "shearing" him was one indignity you neglected to inflict on the fool animal (or I missed the photos). He will be missed, that's for sure. My condolences to you both.
Nov 12 2008 06:18 GMT Midworlder PRO
:(( Sorry to hear that news Sketty :((
Nov 12 2008 12:00 GMT MrUku
This is very sad news and I don't know what to say.My heart goes out to both of you.
Nov 12 2008 18:45 GMT ijbison PRO
I was really sorry to hear the news. I know how heartbreaking it is to lose a canine buddy this way, and I hope you're both okay.
Nov 12 2008 19:42 GMT CaptainSpaulding
Sorry about my last comment I was half asleep and a bit upset when I did it.
It was supposed to say
So sorry to hear this :(
I hope You, Phoenix and Batdog are ok
The two of you made sure he had a good life shared with the friends he loved
Thank you for sharing him with us, he will be missed but with nice fun memories
RIP Batfool
It was meant in a nice way, ones again I’d like to say sorry to Sketty and Phoenix
Respectfully M
Nov 12 2008 22:09 GMT Sketty PRO
You don't have to apologise mate I know what you were saying and I appreciated it. Batdog doesn't know what to do with himself at the moment but he'll be ok I'm sure.
Nov 12 2008 22:20 GMT LizSA
CaptainSpaulding... all is well... we read the good in messages and not to critisize...!
Sketty and Phoenix, batdog and other pets... I am sorry for you... what a lovely memory you have of Batfool.... so sick and still he will stand with his toy.... sweet...
RIP dear Batfool.... and I know you are running in the beautiful grass and flowers in
doggy heaven.........!!!
Nov 12 2008 22:20 GMT Sheila PRO
Sad for you both.
Nov 12 2008 22:22 GMT Steve PRO
Sket and Phoe, I'm so sorry to hear the news.

We've all had dogs and know just how much they are part of the family and how sad it is when they go. It's a price we pay for the love and affection we give and receive I suppose, but it doesn't make it any easier.

My sympathy to you both.
Nov 14 2008 18:22 GMT mel123uk
Sorry to hear of your loss, all my heartfelt condolences to your household.
Nov 16 2008 22:03 GMT simon PRO
Just adding my condolences. The old fella certainly had a good life, and you can't ask for much more.
Nov 22 2008 07:58 GMT lexxa
oh no, I was just going to send you a message to see how he was and I saw this pic. We will miss your furry little son. give batdog a hug for me and phoenix and don't forget yourself
Dec 02 2008 05:37 GMT Londi PRO
Hey Sketty, just wanted to send you my better late than never condolences.

It's always tough to write these messages! I've met dogs that I'd choose over some people anyday. I read an article recently that mentioned a dog's headstone that read:
He was born a dog, he died a gentleman. I love this description.

I think it is appropriate for Batfool too.
Dec 02 2008 14:01 GMT Sketty PRO
That is a lovely headstone message. Batfool (Roswell) was a brilliant mate who never judged me even when I made a complete dick out of myself :)