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My Beetle a mere 2 weeks before he gets his new engine! Will he make it up to Birmingham with his current shagged out engine and a major oil leak? We will have to see............
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 14 2006 16:57 GMT stuboy
hahaha, I love the sticker ;)))))))), that says it all.
Apr 14 2006 17:00 GMT CaptainSpaulding
Itís an old Beetle it will make it no problem at all there as hard as nails.
Apr 14 2006 18:54 GMT curves PRO
5 gallon bucket with I.V. hookup.......a couple of aspirins for you.....and leave a map of your route with batdog.... or leave a trail of dog biscuts might be better since *Out of sight-Out of mind* is Bd's resume
Apr 15 2006 04:30 GMT visuallyadaptive
great :)
i had/have one like that. really needs anew engine, not going anywhere at the moment!
took it on one last trip before i got a new engine... almost made it too :)
Apr 16 2006 09:30 GMT mel123uk
You have to talk very nicely to it, give your beetle hope, they have feelings too.
Apr 18 2006 19:24 GMT Sketty PRO
I certainly am. The plan is to drive it hard until the engine seizes and then let the nice AA man tow me up to Birmingham and to the nice new, fully restored engine :)
May 01 2006 23:02 GMT 0 PRO
Heh, stickerS!