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Open top bus trip:

This is where all the idiots who like to take home tat filled with coloured sand come to collect it. Of course they aren't allowed to collect it any more as the cliff falls on 'em. They have to go to the special shop at the top where they are able to purchase plastic isle of wight shaped, motobike shaped, lighthouse shaped, any damn thing shaped plastic bottle type things. Of course, out of situ the sand doesn't look so good, so what did the owners decide to do? Dye the damn stuff garish colours.

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Comments on this photo:

Oct 08 2006 11:17 GMT ander
Beautiful photo.
Great scenery
Oct 08 2006 11:21 GMT ijbison PRO
I remember going there as a wee nipper, and being totally hacked off that you couldn't collect the sand yourself. I had to be content with a glass lighthouse full of the stuff :(
Oct 08 2006 11:32 GMT Sketty PRO
Yeah, shit innit. Unfortunately there was only a certain height up to which people could reach so over time it would erode the bottom and the rest of the thing would come crashing down on the idiot folk below....
Oct 08 2006 12:57 GMT MrUku
Days out are nice. I remember going to the worlds biggest fish and chip shop for my birthday.....ahhhh memories.
Oct 08 2006 13:07 GMT Jagged PRO
When I were a lad you were allowed to collect your own. Had to buy an empty container of whatever strange shape took your fancy and off you went, clambering up the somewhat dodgy cliff face in search of all those less than vibrant colours.
Oct 08 2006 14:48 GMT Midworlder PRO
So if I said ..."but its just sand" would English people be upset ?
By the way great photo!!
Oct 08 2006 17:41 GMT Phoenix PRO
Nice shot mate.
Oct 08 2006 19:15 GMT rcm
Lovely scenic shot. It is sad the lengths some people will go to to make a buck. Just as sad is the fact that people actually buy the tacky crap they're flogging. ;)
Oct 08 2006 19:24 GMT Sketty PRO
Yup, it's just sand and the English people would defend their bits of slightly more orange sand to the end of the earth!
Oct 08 2006 20:12 GMT moniqpl
what a view! I want to go there and see it :)
Oct 09 2006 23:07 GMT Pasifae
What a fantastic view!!! :)
Sep 23 2007 22:54 GMT aprillady
Well after the previous several photos (including a moustached Batdog) this just seems so ordinary---but a wonderful shot all the same! And I want some sand too!