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1/5: After many months on the run and after several weeks incarcerated in a plastic-lined brown paper packet, the traitors ALBERT EINSTEIN and EDGAR ALLAN POE finally face trial for their treachery. The Judge (George Harrison) and the Jury have been chosen and evidence will be heard.

Should anyone have any information relevent to the case or wish to put themselves forward as witnesses then they are free to do so. The condemned - sorry, I mean ACCUSED, could do with some character witnesses who could back up their ridiculous 'kidnap' story. Evidence will be presented in due course.
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 17 2007 01:19 GMT Midworlder PRO
I'm more than happy to act as a character reference for Edgar - fine upstanding citizen - occassionally a bit morbid and wears a little too much black, but a fine upstanding citizen of the world who has contributed a lot to the world. I believe he may have been keelhauled and only arrived in our country under sufferance.

While he enjoyed his time recuperating on our beachs I believe he was always pining for one of Sketty's wonderful meals (ooooops that might have blown it) !!
Sep 17 2007 12:27 GMT Jagged PRO
Off with their heads! Treacherous little buggers.
Sep 17 2007 13:35 GMT stuboy
They drank all my beer, smoked all my cigs, used my hair dye then buggered off......

......HANG THEM.
Sep 17 2007 14:22 GMT Phoenix PRO
I believe it had to be kidnap.

They did not have free will to do what they liked whilst they were away, nothing was invented or written by either one of them during their captivity!
Sep 17 2007 14:33 GMT ldhill62
good reading :))
Sep 17 2007 17:40 GMT mel123uk
Well Edgar arrived here and tried to corrupt my poor innocent dog know as charlie. He insisted I take him to the beach whereupon he tried in vain to escape via surfboard to France, I had no option but to deport him in the hope he would see sense and return to his tin........I mean loving home.
Sep 18 2007 06:23 GMT LizSA
OH...wonderful....what a happy ending.....agh . I mean..... they are NOT GUILTY...
I hope the Judge and the Jury will take their age in 'account'...consideration....!!
agh well I know nothing of court cases.....
just hope it will be all and done with by the 23 Sept.....
when we all wish to have a good party.....!!
Sep 19 2007 15:58 GMT RiverRabbit
Looks like a serious trial and certainly no muffled Titter will be running around this court room. :)
Sep 19 2007 21:31 GMT Lagerstunt
They have shagged Bazer's birds, broke into Captains house, tampered with Jagged's bike, been through moniqpl's underware drawer, they have left a trail of destruction where ever they have been.

Lock 'em back in the tin.
Sep 19 2007 21:45 GMT Sketty PRO
I'm afraid things are looking very very grim for these criminals. The trial will resume very soon
Sep 23 2007 22:54 GMT CaptainSpaulding
There treachery should be punished severely