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Best pal Steph and the new addition to the family - meet ENID!
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 12 2012 20:46 GMT stuboy
Will that get us all to Bali & back ?
Sep 12 2012 21:10 GMT Sketty PRO
Hell no, it's already haemorrhaging oil. Fucking thing
Sep 12 2012 21:44 GMT stuboy
You getting all moist at the thought of meeting the Bali man ?
Sep 12 2012 21:51 GMT Sketty PRO
Oh STUUUUUUUU! You bloody disabled dustman, idiotboi Punk, brain damaged monkey (?). I forget the rest but the man has a point!
Sep 12 2012 22:00 GMT stuboy
I'm sure he does, any idea what it is ?
Sep 13 2012 12:23 GMT simon PRO
Haemorrhaging oil? I thought it was perfect in every way?

Maybe it's just Enid's time of the month?
Sep 13 2012 13:00 GMT Jagged PRO
Not caught fire yet?
Sep 13 2012 16:04 GMT Sketty PRO
Yeah, I lied. I was so pissed off I just skipped over that bit Hopefully he main seal has just gone
Sep 13 2012 16:05 GMT Sketty PRO
Jagged - how could you....
Sep 13 2012 18:47 GMT mel123uk
I love it, only a lot.
Sep 18 2012 10:11 GMT annieann PRO
lovely photo
Oct 14 2012 14:53 GMT Sheila PRO
Why Enid when it's blatantly been called Lara by someone with dyslexia?
Oct 18 2012 14:53 GMT Steve PRO
She looks lovely Sket. Good luck to her and all who travel in her.
Nov 10 2012 21:03 GMT simon PRO
That's no way to talk about her housemate!
Dec 08 2012 05:02 GMT pauli3522
very nice camper