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1/3 - Malcolm the heap of shit Beetle does it again!

....so's I gets home and try to wind the window up. Nothing. I get my handy screwdriver to tighten up the screw holding the window winder in place. Nothing. I start to pull at the inner door panel to see what might have happened. The inner window winder mechanism is just spinning. I try to remove the inner door panel. The freakin door handle won't come off which means I have to pull, stretch, crack and generally bust the inner door panel to remove the bugger. I try to lift the window manually. Jammed. I undo bolts, screws, pull stuff and generally curse.

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Comments on this photo:

Aug 01 2006 19:35 GMT luisa
Nice serie!
Aug 01 2006 21:59 GMT mel123uk
Chuffin orange beetle thing, trade it in for a blue one.
Aug 01 2006 22:38 GMT CaptainSpaulding
I see mr happy and the Buddhist monk so cool.
Aug 01 2006 23:15 GMT Phoenix PRO
Just remember the 'Herbie' films, he has a heart and soul so you gotta love him not matter what!
Aug 01 2006 23:38 GMT Sketty PRO
love 'im on the end of my frickin toe!
Aug 02 2006 23:09 GMT Pueo PRO
Malcom's probably over 30 years old. That's longer than most cars last.

I'm supposing the open door isn't an invitation for me to drive him.
Aug 03 2006 09:30 GMT Craig1000hk
have you tried taking Malcolm to Lourdes??????????? or pehaps an exorcist...........????????????? :O
Aug 13 2006 10:29 GMT GeoffReeves
oooohhhhh the stress.
Aug 26 2006 21:07 GMT Crowy
Used to have one of these..made a great noise till it blew up!!!
I'd have another tomorrow.