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It's 12 miles to the Island, the catamaran has a full tank of gas (probably), we don't have half a pack of cigarettes cause neither of us smokes, it's dark, and I've burned my hair until it's straight. Oh yeah, and I appear to have lost my lips somehere.

Hit it.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 09 2007 23:32 GMT Sketty PRO
I look like the fucking Crow in this godawful shot
Nov 09 2007 23:45 GMT ijbison PRO
You're still the girl of my dreams Sket ;)
Nov 09 2007 23:48 GMT Sketty PRO
Is that 'cause I'm pished?
Nov 10 2007 00:00 GMT ijbison PRO
Take advantage of a tipsy lady? 50's Dad takes a very dim view of that sort of blackguard!
It was just a declaration of my undying devotion ;)
Nov 10 2007 00:13 GMT Pondy PRO
Night on the town was it?? :o)
Nov 10 2007 01:17 GMT stuboy
& you had the cheek to call me "special needs" !
Nov 10 2007 05:53 GMT Molly PRO
I'm totally coming to the island someday. Garlic festival, comedy seminar or not. Prepare yourself, Fellow (?) Sister o' bitterness.
Nov 10 2007 07:32 GMT IanB PRO
It looks like a blurred CCTV image that the police would release. If seen, do NOT approach..
Nov 10 2007 09:55 GMT gilgamesh
Why would anyone publish such an unflattering picture of themselves?
So many issues, darling - so many issues…
Nov 10 2007 15:10 GMT Sketty PRO
I appear to have obtained a bulbous nose too!
Nov 10 2007 16:58 GMT mel123uk
well sketty, what can I say?....... only that this is my normal look without the alcohol, bulbous nose and all. You could try the camera from a different angle next time (just a tip from a portrait expert..... ) if you need any other expert tips feel free to ask.........someone else.