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crimescene bedroom 2
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 26 2007 18:09 GMT mel123uk
After seeing this I forgive my kids for their room, oh and the deodorant?.... at first view I thought..... well I wont say, you being a laydeeeeeeeeee and all.
Oct 26 2007 18:11 GMT ijbison PRO
Ah, now I see - it's deodorant. Great (or filthy) minds think alike Mel ;)
Oct 26 2007 18:13 GMT Sketty PRO
I'm shocked and stunned at both of you. I was going to say I'd probably healed up down there by now but that would be sooo inapproprite I won't.

Oct 26 2007 18:17 GMT mel123uk
Or deprived minds.
Oct 26 2007 18:18 GMT mel123uk
Sketty its cobwebs down there, theme for halloween.
Oct 26 2007 18:22 GMT ijbison PRO
Ladies, please, a sensitive chap like myself could be shocked by this kind of talk.
Oct 26 2007 18:33 GMT Bowser
Oct 26 2007 19:45 GMT dave43
i see you tidied up!
Oct 26 2007 22:16 GMT Steve PRO
I'll come back when I understand this conversation!

Oct 27 2007 01:38 GMT Jagged PRO
What a fantastic room. I have some very similar. I am proud to know anyone who can create such a wonderful ambience out of mere junk.
You are an artist!
Oct 27 2007 04:52 GMT tony PRO
Looks a lot like my own digs, really. Only I have different kinds of stuff (no suspicious-looking air freshener, for example).
Oct 27 2007 07:01 GMT ldhill62
glad i read the comments to find out it was deodorant first :))
Oct 28 2007 10:51 GMT eosrob
Nice to Dave Helping out, mind you he could do with a hand himself.