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1/2: Broken down and waiting for the AA man. I'd been told I'd have a 70 minute wait.....I'd had to pull off the main road as the car started to fail and I'd found myself in the ROUGH ESTATE! At this point I wasn't feeling too bad. The cold hadn't got into my bones, the rain hadn't started and the natives hadn't noticed me....

that wasn't to last. Damn that orange idiot car and damn the AA man for knowing me and knowing where I lived - the shame of it
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 19 2007 18:58 GMT paparazziboy
You should ask cousin Lisa to do something about it
Nov 19 2007 18:58 GMT hans55 PRO
poor girl you !! :-(
Nov 19 2007 19:31 GMT LizSA
:-)) oh sorry :-((
Nov 19 2007 22:36 GMT Jagged PRO
It pains me to say it but...maybe time for a new car....
Nov 19 2007 22:40 GMT Sketty PRO
It's been paining me to say the same thing. I just don't know if I can do it. It's Malcolm
Nov 19 2007 23:18 GMT bazer PRO
Poor Sketty my car is in it Death throws too and with unemployment looming cant spend the money so i nurse it along i find talking to it works !!! Start you useless piece of sh*t seam to help ;-];-] and i should know im a mechanic LOL
Nov 19 2007 23:48 GMT stuboy
So, did you get off with the A.A man ?
We all know that is the only reason you keep hold of Malcolm.
Nov 20 2007 00:49 GMT Jagged PRO
Oooh, young man!
Nov 20 2007 02:07 GMT curves PRO
Cut the cord Sket....get malcom a plot at the local junkyard and use the public transport....Then you can abuse the public twice a day
Nov 20 2007 17:15 GMT Sketty PRO
No I didn't get off with the AA man but I'd have definitely given him a go if he hadn't told me all about the woman who called him out for a home start one night and opened the front door starkers!
Nov 20 2007 17:39 GMT Steve PRO
Sket, Malcolm is becoming a problem, but another Beetle would not be Malcolm!

Therefore: (ta-daaaa) May I introduce Claude? . . . http://snipurl.com/1tyb2 . . .

Go on! You got your shiny nice new job, so a few hundred down and you could be *safely* unique again!

Nov 20 2007 17:42 GMT Sketty PRO
Oh god no, I'm a Beetle girl through and through.

....'sides, I thought you had to be a social worker to drive a 2cv ;-)