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Spent the weekend in Birmingham being the surprise guest at my pal Lisa's birthday party. It was nice seeing everyone actually and I was warmly welcomed which was a surprise as last time I saw most of them I had been a bad girl and decided I needed to move far far away.

(I will admit that I made myself ill wondering what kind of reception I would receive. Most of them thought I had been a very VERY bad girl whereas I felt I had been misunderstood......)
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 15 2008 19:30 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Sketty you are a good girl.... ;-)
Jul 15 2008 19:34 GMT Sketty PRO
Yes I am. Good yet misunderstood all those years ago. It wasn't MY fault (much) that all of Lisa's husband's friends ended up nearly killing each other, generally falling out and disappearing from the social circle we all hung out in.

....well, it wasn't much of a social circle after 'the misunderstandings'.
Jul 15 2008 19:39 GMT garynumber1cleaner
god how I know what you are talking about ... been in many riots like this in the past minus any riot police ...
misunderstandings = squares in the end for sure
Jul 16 2008 00:45 GMT stuboy
I spend most of my life being misunderstood, or misunderstanding people.
Only today when I walked into work & a few mates were stood outside having a cig I said " alright chaps" & one of them wanted to have a go at me & started mouthing it off to me, he thought I said "alright twats"

The world hates me !

All I've ever done is be nice to everyone :)
Jul 16 2008 17:40 GMT RememberRonni
Nice shot.....she actually looks happy being 40.....I don't remember being half so please :(
Jul 18 2008 10:35 GMT ldhill62
glad you had a good time and nice pic :))