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Day 2 of the relentless abuse I intend to heap upon my housemate. This one is courtesy of Teamsatan.com.

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Comments on this photo:

Sep 02 2007 15:35 GMT simon PRO
Ahh, good old Teamsatan. RIP
Sep 02 2007 16:04 GMT Molly PRO
Niiiiice....I can only abuse myself, and there's really no fun in that....
Sep 02 2007 16:47 GMT IanB PRO
Oh I don't know Molls, self abuse can have its moments...

er, I'll get my coat shall I?
Sep 02 2007 18:46 GMT Miniwood PRO
I've been to Hull and eaten those. I went down in The Deep.....

and Ian, that was irresistable, but you should get your coat. :-D
Sep 02 2007 20:06 GMT stuboy
You seem to have got the spelling all wrong on this !!!!!
Sep 02 2007 20:53 GMT Sketty PRO
TEAMSATAN RIP?!!!! That's terrible news.
Sep 02 2007 20:55 GMT Sketty PRO
IanB - I was thinking it. I'm just glad you said it and therefore spared my further decent from being a proppa laydeee

...oh, and get yer coat (I can take the moral high ground now too)
Sep 02 2007 21:20 GMT AlisonBelinda
Just don't say it out loud and fast! (especially not to your mother...)
Sep 03 2007 05:58 GMT mel123uk
It sounds like one of your recipes Sket, all you have to eat when Phoe leaves you all alone to fend for your self, now thats abuse, she should be locked up.
Sep 03 2007 17:33 GMT Sketty PRO
You're bloody right there Mel! I've come home and she's selfishly working away so all I've got is a Skittle sandwich for dinner tonight!
Sep 03 2007 18:01 GMT dave43
and i thought a load of old bards was surreal!
Sep 04 2007 14:40 GMT mel123uk
have you stopped bouncing off the walls after the skittles? they are banned from my kids.
Sep 04 2007 14:42 GMT Sketty PRO
I had to come home sick from work today with unexplained sickness.
Sep 06 2007 23:47 GMT CaptainSpaulding
Nice one Sketty I must get myself an abuse board I have one or two candidates for it
Sep 08 2007 12:52 GMT gilgamesh
Oh woe! I've just twigged the Spooneristic undercurrent here! Curse me for an idiot!
Jan 29 2008 21:42 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Great one!