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Crappy phonecam shot: MYSTERY carton of soya milk (possibly evil).

Despite me being a soya milk drinker (phoe drinks normal milk) I have absolutely no knowledge of this carton of cheap looking filth. I drink nicely packaged soya milk from a recognised manufacturer so WHERE DID THIS COME FROM? Phoe has never bought me any soya milk and also has no explanation for how it came to be.

I have therefore come to the conclusion that 'THE MAN' is trying to get me. I must don my foil hat for the next few months. I don't know how work will take it but it has to be in order to save us all.

....of course, I could have just gone mad and bought it before suffering a trauma and instantly forgetting.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 23 2007 03:28 GMT stuboy
This is the same excuse I use when I get caught shoplifting.
Works everytime :)
Aug 23 2007 10:42 GMT OverKell PRO
ok, this soyamilk comes from the milkman. I have this very morning, just paid a bill of 18 quid to the milkman as he kept delivering me this vile shit which I kept throwing away. he delivers at 4am so i never caught up with him. I have told him don't want any more milk....ever...I love soya milk but it tastes like wet grime off the floor. ( I know because I've woken up with my face on the floor many times)
capture your milkman and destroy.
Aug 23 2007 16:21 GMT Sketty PRO
Ahhhhhhh...........mystery solve. Who da man? OVERKELL da man, that's who!
Aug 23 2007 19:03 GMT dave43
I could be suprior and say we have our own goats