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This is my ultimate Eastbourne achievement - a storyboard outlining a drink drive offence.
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 28 2007 02:22 GMT LizSA
wha.......??? what is going on here........
did you have breakfast.....:-))
Oh Sketty...
I mean Jason !!!
have a good weekend....!
Jul 28 2007 07:46 GMT ldhill62
well done jason but did you take the tablets :))
Jul 28 2007 09:32 GMT Jagged PRO
and they wonder why the criminal justice system is a mess...
Jul 28 2007 12:32 GMT ijbison PRO
Hi Jason. Man, I wish it was 9pm :)
Jul 28 2007 12:38 GMT Sketty PRO
....ahhhhh, roll on 9pm. We could go out on the piss and do things that would leave us horribly scarred and embarrassed for the rest of our lives :)
Jul 28 2007 12:40 GMT ijbison PRO
That sounds like my life anyway! I'll pick you up at 8.30
Jul 29 2007 04:09 GMT gr8ronkinroll PRO
Although no excuse, I knew it had to involve a woman!
Jason, you did it all wrong. You go out. Meet a woman. Have her drive you to her place.
That way nobody will be drawing stories about you. ; )
Jul 30 2007 20:51 GMT gilgamesh
You have to get out NOW!
You have to!
Get out!
Jul 30 2007 22:21 GMT Sketty PRO
....can I still be Jason though?
Jul 31 2007 19:09 GMT gilgamesh
No, you will be known from now on as Anita Strondheim and you must never mention your previous life as an Embalmer's Assistant.
And the unfortunate dog will be your adopted son. He'll need a selection of hats.
Good luck Ske… sorry, Anita.
Jul 31 2007 20:11 GMT Sketty PRO
I can say he is a Mexican Wolf-boy called Mazatl and that he's very self conscious of his large nose and poor posture....
Jul 31 2007 20:57 GMT gilgamesh
Good! I'm thinking sombrero, yes, excellent!
The 'milkman' will brief you further ; )