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When my housemate works away and I am left to fend for myself things become desperate. This is my dinner. The reason? I'm not allowed near the stove.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it....
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 15 2007 21:51 GMT ijbison PRO
All the major food groups seem to be represented. Carbohydrates, fats, there may be some protein somewhere, and booze. Yep, that's the lot, looks like one helluva healthy snack to me.
Jul 15 2007 21:53 GMT ijbison PRO
(of course I'm just a sycophantic b****, so I could be lying)
Jul 15 2007 21:57 GMT Jagged PRO
Nice, have you got any bananas in that?
Jul 15 2007 21:59 GMT Sketty PRO
No, you are MY sycophantic b**** and therefore you would never lie to me or else I will be forced to beat you Crabman :)

I think you will find that the protein is in the chicken flavoured crisps, even though they are totally vegetarian and have no dead animal content at all.
Jul 15 2007 22:01 GMT Sketty PRO
Crisp and BANANA sangas?


No Mr Jagged, no fruit to taint it - I'm a crisp sandwich purist.
Jul 15 2007 22:01 GMT CaptainSpaulding
I get it drink all the wine first then the crisp sandwich will look like a feast
Jul 16 2007 07:29 GMT ldhill62
looks healthy enough to me :))
Jul 16 2007 07:40 GMT simon PRO
That looks like some mad wine there Sket. Shouldn't it be in a brown paper bag?
Jul 20 2007 20:54 GMT LizSA
In England...I believe Friday evenings is Fish and Chips take outs......!!
Hope she will be back by the weekend....
You cannot live your life on whitebread.......!!!!!!
Jul 20 2007 22:30 GMT Sketty PRO
Oh god no. I don't eat ANYTHING with a face so no fish for me
Jul 22 2007 14:22 GMT ander
You got the wine - why all that bread ?