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Dave never thought he'd be the receptical for Sket's bedroom crap.

Still, he liked the mask.....
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 24 2007 20:58 GMT AlisonBelinda
Someone took the diet to extreme.
Oct 24 2007 21:29 GMT Urko
About time you gave Dave a meal, his ribs are showing!
Oct 24 2007 22:00 GMT ijbison PRO
We've all had a hangover like this.
Oct 24 2007 22:21 GMT Sheila PRO
more like a hanger-over!
Oct 24 2007 22:25 GMT Steve PRO
LOL Sket. You never fail to make me laugh.
Oct 24 2007 23:05 GMT stuboy
He seems to have lost his lower right arm ?
Oct 24 2007 23:29 GMT Sketty PRO
Nah, that's strategically and more importantly, COMEDICALLY placed elsehere at the moment
Oct 25 2007 06:43 GMT eosrob
Ah comedy Dave, have resisted the odd pun, I may be tempted later or the medication might have kicked in. He really has let himself go.
Oct 25 2007 09:13 GMT ldhill62
at least he looks happy :))
Feb 22 2008 05:21 GMT lexxa
Erm..Sketty? What else does Dav say?? Does he talk often??
Feb 22 2008 18:09 GMT Sketty PRO
Surprisingly, he's quite a quiet chap
Feb 22 2008 18:21 GMT lexxa
lol ! Go to my site, we have a message for batdog.