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At the local freakshow. How's a flying cat grab you? A flying cat with a face which looks as if it's been stuck in a bottle for most of it's life, no less...
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Comments on this photo:

May 22 2006 21:15 GMT ijbison PRO
May 22 2006 21:16 GMT ijbison PRO
I've no idea who 'Norville Barnes' is by the way. Definitely not. Nope. Not a clue :)
May 22 2006 21:34 GMT Sketty PRO
It wouldn't happen to be you would it, you mad git? :)
May 22 2006 22:07 GMT mel123uk
Me wonders if artistic license has ever come into the equasion?
May 23 2006 01:25 GMT wifey
May 23 2006 05:45 GMT stuboy
I bet all the birds are shitting themselves now ;)
May 24 2006 04:53 GMT slomoz
Wonder what the bag limit is on Winged Cats?
May 24 2006 21:34 GMT b2e2t2h
May 27 2006 18:41 GMT xray13
i don't like freakshow, but it's nice to know about it, what did you feel about that animales?
May 28 2006 13:38 GMT onichek
I think it saw an enormous wingged rat! :))
May 28 2006 20:10 GMT Divvycat
Yeah, us cats learned to fly so we could catch them stupid birds ;)
May 28 2006 22:07 GMT Sketty PRO
Yeah, you cats must have been flying really REALLY fast to end up with faces like that. Looks like he's just flown thru a wind-tunnel
Jun 01 2006 10:45 GMT OverKell PRO
It's not the fact that it has wings that freaks me out...it's the face.
Nov 04 2007 08:41 GMT BoSelecta PRO
Gah! They said this would happen... to the hills!
Dec 06 2007 21:04 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Unbelivable speed in flight ! .. a cat with a G-Force face ..wow .... I will never call a cat a Pussy again ... I had trouble getting away from a Great Dane before and all I did then was kick a football at its Balls... (gave me a head start though..lucky it was it's balls I hit) ... ;-)
Jan 16 2008 05:09 GMT remola
I worry about the birds now... hahaha!
Feb 02 2008 02:36 GMT fotomom
LOL all this is so funny :))))
Feb 19 2008 18:05 GMT lexxa
The birds will know what its like to be pood on!
Feb 21 2008 22:50 GMT Nodster
It looks like a cat whose 9th Life has just expired!
Mar 16 2008 20:29 GMT blackwoodlocal
Really Great Shot. Thanks 4 Sharing
Jan 16 2009 17:43 GMT iforgotyounot
cool . great job
Feb 17 2010 19:22 GMT NicsPics PRO
Is this cat alright!??
Feb 17 2010 19:27 GMT Sketty PRO
Well, apart from being dead, stuffed with sawdust and having wings sewn on him, he's fine! Look at his little face, he can flyyyyyyyy