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What you might find in a girl's handbag

(the trial of the traitors will continue very soon - t...


What you might find in a girl's handbag

(the trial of the traitors will continue very soon - the judge is listening to legal argument)
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 25 2007 21:11 GMT ldhill62
interesting contents :))
Sep 25 2007 21:22 GMT ijbison PRO
You keep a pint and a beermat in your handbag? I always said you were my kind of girl.
Sep 25 2007 21:34 GMT Steve PRO
What?! No back axle for a Ford Anglia? You surprise me, Sket.
Sep 25 2007 21:44 GMT Pondy PRO
I can see your address... oooohh...
Sep 25 2007 21:49 GMT gilgamesh
Hey! They have a Pizza Hut on the Isle of Wight!
Sep 25 2007 22:02 GMT Jagged PRO
Yep, we all know where you live now. Hordes will turn up your doorstep unannounced and just when you can least handle it ;)
Sep 25 2007 22:15 GMT Sketty PRO
Ah, it's only the first line. Let the worst happen (she said, foolishly tempting fate)
Sep 25 2007 23:54 GMT ander
Loyalty card ????
Sep 26 2007 02:25 GMT PhotoPro PRO
very interesting collection
Sep 26 2007 08:11 GMT stuboy
Yeah ander, the loyalty card is from the singles club which she belongs.
She's their longest member :)
Sep 26 2007 10:49 GMT MrUku
I shall lend you my giant dragonfly to visit your wrath on the slanderous stuboy.......He is being slanderous isn't he?
Sep 26 2007 10:53 GMT Sketty PRO
He is indeed being slanderous (if not slightly truthful about the length of time singledom has been bestowed upon me. Actually, I'd probably have a heck of a time proving I'd been slandered what with me being so far on the shelf I'm covered in that dust that has gone black and slightly sticky and only comes off if it's soaked in hot water with lashings of washing up liquid)
Sep 26 2007 11:01 GMT MrUku
sounds like good night in.
Sep 26 2007 15:36 GMT Becca PRO