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Friday 13th

Place: Work

Situation: About to leave to attend an appointment 13 miles away


How Problem Solved: I took the foot pump out and pumped like hell as fast as my short leg would allow. One of the women in the office asked if I needed help but I sadly told her I was used to dealing with Beetle chicanery due to my car being the anti-Herbie

....oh, and thank you kind stranger for your note. May good karma hunt you down and give you some excellent luck
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 13 2007 16:24 GMT LizSA
Sorry sketty.....sorry.....not so nice a surprise to get on the 13th.......
at least you had the foot pump handy...
Hope your weekend is more fun...!!
Apr 13 2007 16:25 GMT Sheila PRO
That's kind - could have taken you much longer if you'd set off like that and damaged it further.
Apr 13 2007 16:59 GMT Molly PRO
13 miles? Oh sket....you should have been like me and just *don't leave the house* today. (Why tempt fate?) Although I did play with the oven. At least it's not gas.... :-)
Apr 13 2007 17:58 GMT Phoenix PRO
At least you were prepared Sket. Your Beetle is like a garage on wheels.

Inside there is, Torch, Jump Leads, Foot Pump, Tow Rope, AA Man.....etc :-)

Apr 13 2007 21:04 GMT Jagged PRO
So your freaky stalker is letting down your tyres and then leaving you notes ;)
Apr 13 2007 21:55 GMT sverrir
Oh that's kind! First they deflate it, then put a note. Very kind indeed.
Apr 14 2007 01:27 GMT stuboy
Your back left tyre is flat ..............

Jesus, is that the best information they could leave you ?
They could have at least told you if it was the "left" looking from the front or the "left" looking from the back of the car.

I bet you were walking round the car for hours trying to figure it out.

Apr 14 2007 04:00 GMT Hamin PRO
Nice shot; great story --- Manny/Hamin
Apr 14 2007 18:51 GMT x19bex92x
scarier than that.... my next door neighbour's house burnt down. the roof fell in at 13:13 on friday 13th.... no joke!
Apr 15 2007 01:21 GMT paparazziboy