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engine beetle bug VW VWBeetle VWBUG


New Engine 1 - that old engine from one of the previous pics is coming along beautifully. Here it is so far!

Thanks Geoff :)
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 09 2006 01:54 GMT Jagged PRO
That's coming along very nicely indeed. Wish I could find the time to get mine sorted so quickly!
Apr 09 2006 08:10 GMT grimp PRO
Very clean and shiny, if the inside matches the outside it should give you another 150k miles.
Apr 09 2006 15:51 GMT CaptainSpaulding
Did you do the work yourself still very impressed.
Didnít know they where a push rod engine excellent.
Apr 10 2006 16:55 GMT curves PRO
So shiny
Apr 14 2006 00:35 GMT Craig1000hk
whats a pushrod ??????????
Apr 14 2006 11:16 GMT grimp PRO
CS: (trivia) The core of the push rods is wood. It's the only piece of wood in a VW engine, it's there to provide oil to the lever that open the valves.
Apr 14 2006 15:55 GMT Sketty PRO
I think it's some kind of rod thing that....pushes something. Then again, I'm a girl, what do I know? The car is orange

(I'm cringing to myself saying all that stuff. I can weld and do some stuff to the car, I just don't know much about engines)
Apr 14 2006 16:37 GMT grimp PRO
The push rods are in the tubes you can see here:
they open the valves
Apr 14 2006 17:01 GMT Sketty PRO
Lovely :)

Apr 17 2006 22:38 GMT paparazziboy