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The first witness is called: A Viking who accompanied the traitors back into custody sent very kindly by fotothinger Ander. The viking can confirm that Edgar had tried to hide in Hekla; an active volcano, and had made comment that he was very happy on the run and had no desire to return!

Proof positive that this was no innocent kidnapping!
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 05 2007 23:04 GMT stuboy
Yes, the communist state of the Isle of Wight doesn't take kindly to freedom & treats anyone who tries to get free very harshly.

I have to go with Sketty on this one, They DID come to me on their own free will, there was NO kidnap.

Shoot the buggers :)
Oct 05 2007 23:09 GMT Sketty PRO
I have to inform you that moves to extradite you are in place. You are, after all, a co conspirator and murderer of the Banana of Doom
Oct 05 2007 23:45 GMT stuboy
I did not murder the banana of doom.
His head fell off whilst I was combing his hair.

A pure accident.

You want to extradite me ?
Is that rude ?
Oct 06 2007 00:32 GMT SKYF0X
lol... this is a cool still life, for sure!
Oct 07 2007 00:14 GMT stuboy
I've got to ask, but what is that Sketty looking thing on here ?
Oct 07 2007 00:19 GMT Sketty PRO
Explain oh traitorous one?
Oct 07 2007 00:28 GMT stuboy
That Sketty looking doll thing there.
If these two are going to get a fair trial, I don't think you should be on the jurry !
Oct 07 2007 00:33 GMT Sketty PRO
Ah, the Sketty mini-me doll. It was clearly put up for jury duty on the first trial picture and if the defendant's lawyer is too busy with his thumb up his ass to notice then they are in more trouble than they ever thought possible.

It might be claimed that I have rigged the jury but I vehemently deny this charge