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Oh my word, it's all gone wrong! Leonardo Da Vinci has grabbed Moses' holy, magical staff and appears to be throttling Albert Einstein with it after Albert bounced a stone tablet of Commandments off his head!

Will these historical geniuses EVER learn to play nicely?
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 21 2006 22:25 GMT stuboy
Well, here's my theory, I reckon Albert is as tough as the other two put together ......
Einstein (let's call him "E" for short) is equal to Moses (we'll call him "M" for short) plus Da Vinci (let's call him .......erm........Well let's just call him "C squared" for short)

I've lost the plot here a bit, I started with a great idea & ended up not knowing what to say ..........

I'll come back when I remember ;)
Jul 22 2006 12:36 GMT wifey
What an imagination! Is it really that hot outside? :)))
Jul 22 2006 15:10 GMT CaptainSpaulding
Cool historical people in WWF.
Moses V the Rock.