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Hey kids, Santa's dead and I killed him

Get over it..........
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 27 2007 18:58 GMT Sheila PRO
You are SOOOOO cruel, Sket!
Nov 27 2007 19:19 GMT Phoenix PRO
Been up that chimney a long time ain't he?
Nov 27 2007 19:27 GMT JotaBoyJon
OOHHH!! Praise be to the great santa slayer, the world is truly a better place now. Your reward shall be in heaven :)))
Nov 27 2007 20:35 GMT Sketty PRO
Well, every year I asked for a horse and did I get one? The swine saved them for the rich kids so he deserved everything he got ;-)
Nov 28 2007 00:01 GMT ldhill62
is this a career move for dave :)
Nov 28 2007 10:24 GMT stuboy
You killed him ?


In that case you own me a scalextric set & a Joe90 lego set.
He was going to get me them but now he's dead :(
& it's all your fault.

& that's not to mention the nice Polish bird with great tits that I wanted.

Bitch !
Nov 28 2007 21:56 GMT Sketty PRO
My guessing is that he owed them to you from a long long time ago - your scalexric and Joe90 crap, my horse, Phoe's giant train set and the numerous things that made the ol' Christmas list but turned out to be a fucking jumper! It all forms a pattern which leads me to believe that Santa only likes rich kids and that he is evil
Nov 29 2007 02:13 GMT stuboy
Of course he only likes rich people ........
Don't we all ?

I mean, what's the point in liking poor people ?
They're no good to anyone.
Nov 30 2007 01:52 GMT Pueo PRO
I'd say that goes on the "naughty" list.