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Sunday (...and I think I'm dying)
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 28 2006 11:46 GMT backstreets PRO
relaxing time.....informal and nice capture !!
Aug 28 2006 11:57 GMT mel123uk
My you look fit and raring to go, been in that state many a time, good on yer.
Aug 28 2006 12:03 GMT stuboy
Oh my God, are you that beautiful young girl I was chatting up at the party on Saturday night ?

I really must stop drinking

Have you recovered yet ? ;)))))))))))))))
Aug 28 2006 13:13 GMT CarlosFandango
Aug 28 2006 13:21 GMT Jagged PRO
Ouch mate, ouch.
I feel a bit like that today as it goes.
Aug 28 2006 14:40 GMT faenzu
Hi gorgeous!!!
Aug 28 2006 17:01 GMT uwp
A hair full of face. :)
Aug 28 2006 17:34 GMT mel123uk
I want to borrow K2002's eyes.
Aug 28 2006 17:58 GMT ijbison PRO
Looking like some creature disturbed during hibernation. All this needs is one of David Attenborough's whispered voiceovers ;)
Aug 28 2006 19:06 GMT Phoenix PRO
.........I'm saying nothing!
Aug 28 2006 23:42 GMT JotaBoyJon
Alchohol is the work of the devil, & should be embraced as a lifestyle & taken without moderation, often, a lot & then some :))
"God hates me, so i hate him back, works for me".... What film is that line from then???
Aug 29 2006 17:27 GMT Sketty PRO
Dunno, giz a cloooo
Aug 29 2006 22:42 GMT CaptainSpaulding
You are a star you have my respect.
Sep 02 2006 00:51 GMT paparazziboy
..Brilli@nt Babe!
Sep 02 2006 21:01 GMT rescue193uk PRO
ah a cherie blair moment
Sep 02 2006 21:04 GMT Sketty PRO
Heh heh, you shoulda seen the one of me I took down from the site. NEVER post pictures of yourself drunk, that's all I can say :)
Sep 02 2006 21:14 GMT Elise