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BobHope memorial SanDiego Statues


Bob Hope memorial (entertaining the troups) San Diego
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 16 2010 21:35 GMT FLUMP
great capture..
Oct 17 2010 23:50 GMT ijbison PRO
They made a statue of every individual Bob Hope fan? Which one's me?
Oct 17 2010 23:53 GMT Sketty PRO
The one with half a leg missing. You'd become convinced you had some flesh-eating disease and basically willed it off
Oct 18 2010 00:02 GMT ijbison PRO
Yay! That's me! I'd love to will my own leg off - what a great story that would be. I'd never have to pay for another drink
Oct 18 2010 00:05 GMT Sketty PRO
You could will away other bits of your body every time you wanted to skive a day off. THEN, you'd have a cast iron case for taking the work nazis to tribunal should they 'have' you for it! What judge would deny a uniped with numerous other missing bits a positive judgement?
Oct 18 2010 00:23 GMT ijbison PRO
If I had the ability to will away bits of my body to score time off work, I'd have disappeared entirely somewhere around 1988.