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Stuboy, Monsieur Bison, Batdog and I will be thankfully safe from Government mind control tricks now. Should the worst happen, we are ready to rule the world.....

(ps. As Stu suggested, I have randomly tagged the pic so that THEY will never find me)
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 08 2006 21:46 GMT moniqpl
the nicest tag is 'anus' :-))
Aug 08 2006 21:48 GMT stuboy
Good work, let's hope they don't manage to break through our defence barriers, these google men are quite cunning & ruthless.
Aug 08 2006 21:51 GMT ijbison PRO
Guide us, wise one. Keep us safe from the evil forces ranged against us. I just heard a strange noise in the garden.....
Aug 08 2006 21:52 GMT JotaBoyJon
Sadly my cupboards are bereft of tin foil, will a shodily concockted array of empty beer tins gathered above me bonce be sufficient to hold back the evil foe?
Aug 08 2006 21:57 GMT Sketty PRO
....so did I! Did it sound like people screaming? I think I might have to push everyone else in the household out to investigate whilst I save my all powerful mind by crying for my mom and hiding.

(My superior mind must be saved I argue to dissenters)
Aug 08 2006 21:58 GMT ijbison PRO
JBJ,I don't know if that would offer the adequate protection, but the photo of such a device would be solid gold brilliant!
Aug 08 2006 22:01 GMT Sketty PRO
Yeah, I'm waiting for this one too :)
Aug 08 2006 22:05 GMT redtusker
1984 is here now
Aug 08 2006 22:05 GMT stuboy
Me too ;)))))))
Aug 08 2006 22:34 GMT JotaBoyJon
As you wish ;)))))
Aug 09 2006 03:49 GMT tony PRO
Awww, you look so cute in foil.
Aug 09 2006 06:26 GMT uwp
I knew it's some kind of conspiracy behind it! You're all slaves of the aliens, Mulder knew it years ago! :)))
Aug 11 2006 08:35 GMT mel123uk
I think I have seen a film about this, it has a dog in it and a lass with red shoes, "theres no place like home"
Aug 12 2006 18:28 GMT grimp PRO
Happens if you watch to many Mel Gibson films!!!
Aug 13 2006 10:28 GMT GeoffReeves
Aug 16 2006 02:09 GMT CaptainSpaulding
Now that is a fashion shot you’ve obviously modelled before.
Aug 20 2006 13:37 GMT sikobonden
Awesome! I thought it was your thinking cap, but I like the government protection even better.