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Dave had a great time in Birmingham. He was sad that he didn't get a ride in the orange heap of shit Beetle but I decided that it would never survive the journey.

Dave almost caused a motorway accident as 2 blokes in a white van swerved into traffic just so that the passenger fool could take a photo with his camera phone......
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 09 2007 23:03 GMT Jagged PRO
I love Dave's "Jason King" wardrobe.
Oct 10 2007 11:01 GMT Steve PRO
Brilliant. :-)
Oct 10 2007 11:50 GMT ldhill62
good to see dave getting out and keeping warm :))
Oct 10 2007 16:38 GMT Sketty PRO
My ambition is to get him a grim reaper's costume, tie some strong wire to the stand with wheels that came with him and then pull him around outside an old folks home to give the residents the willies :)

I'm going to hell
Oct 10 2007 19:41 GMT ijbison PRO
Why does Dave appear to be presing himself back into his seat, as if flinching from some imminent catastrophe?
Oct 10 2007 19:46 GMT Sketty PRO
He's going back to the Island, what do you expect?
Oct 10 2007 23:07 GMT Jagged PRO
yes yes yes!!!

Oct 12 2007 02:46 GMT Pueo PRO
good to see Dave getting some time outside