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Dave's gonna fit in just great
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 27 2007 11:40 GMT grimp PRO
YOu've left him waiting for too long!
Sep 27 2007 12:08 GMT Steve PRO
LOVE the monacle! Now - we need some pics of him with you in Malcolm! ;-)
Sep 27 2007 13:22 GMT Jagged PRO
I bet the tidiness nazi just loves him ;)
Sep 27 2007 16:07 GMT ldhill62
looks a bit posher than ralf but just as much fun :))
Sep 27 2007 18:08 GMT Molly PRO
I think Dave needs to be the banana-holder. :-)
Sep 27 2007 18:11 GMT YesHello
have you lost weight???
Sep 27 2007 21:41 GMT OverKell PRO
Does Dave smoke?
Sep 27 2007 21:57 GMT ijbison PRO
Dave looks a bit shifty to me. I think it's the monocle that does it. I bet he was feeling behind the cushions for lost change while you went to get your camera...
Sep 27 2007 21:59 GMT Sketty PRO
Think he's a gentleman thief? Raffles hasn't taken good care of himself, has he?
Sep 27 2007 22:02 GMT ijbison PRO
Gentleman thief? I say he's bad to the bone.

(yeah, I know, I know...)
Sep 27 2007 22:04 GMT Sketty PRO
Bison, you should be ashamed! He will accompany me to Brum tomorrow and keep me safe (I just thought how funny it would be if there were an accident and a skeleton was found in the wreckage. People would be screaming, there would be chaos)

Sep 27 2007 22:09 GMT ijbison PRO
Just think if Malcolm had left hand drive. As yous rattled and smoked along the road to Brum, to the casual observer it might appear that Dave was DRIVING. Accidents, screaming, chaos etc...
Sep 27 2007 22:13 GMT Sketty PRO
I like your way of thinking Mr Bison. Set your classy perpetual calendar and placed it in the Bison Library yet?
Sep 28 2007 05:35 GMT tony PRO
Why don't you just send Dave down to the local where he can order a beer. And a mop.
Sep 28 2007 19:36 GMT mariazinha32
hahaha ...this is great
Sep 30 2007 16:26 GMT Sheila PRO
Sep 30 2007 16:28 GMT Steve PRO
Happy Birthday, Sket. :-)
Oct 02 2007 08:37 GMT Pueo PRO
Happy Birthday Sketty!
Oct 02 2007 09:56 GMT paparazziboy
Happy B-Day
Feb 23 2008 09:02 GMT lexxa
Now you have to get dave a afro wig and a disco jacket!