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Nightmare of nightmares. For my birthday my cousins wrapped and gave me back all the shit I'd ever given them for christmas. They wrapped the box it all came in with home made paper made from a picture of myself I'd once used to sign a card......

Please find returned: 2 shrunken heads, my crustacian gifts (a plastic lobster and a lobster claw lighter), some hard bread, some out of date sauce containing ham which, as vegetarian, I'd never eat, and some hands made of soap.

I chose this crap with love.....I am wounded. WOUNDED I tell you
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 02 2007 23:17 GMT Jagged PRO
It shows a lack of originality on their part. I suggest melting down the items and re-shaping them into amorphous blobs, spraying them matt black and re-presenting them as stunning new gifts at christmas.
Oct 02 2007 23:19 GMT Sketty PRO
I'm liking your way of thinking Jagged.
Oct 02 2007 23:20 GMT stuboy
This Christmas send him/her something that YOU really want.
& you'll get it back next September :)
Oct 02 2007 23:24 GMT Sketty PRO
well, they kept the mugs with me 'mugging' all over them. geddit? 'Mugging' all over the mug. I suspect they keep the good stuff. I notice I didn't get my cattle-pult back
Oct 03 2007 00:21 GMT CaptainSpaulding
You must admire all that effort for a good laugh
Oct 03 2007 03:59 GMT tony PRO
The wrapping paper is great, though. I could use a roll of that for certain occasions.
Oct 03 2007 06:57 GMT sverrir
OMG. What a liberty :| especially that you chose this 'with love'. Jagged's suggestion is good.
Oct 03 2007 07:56 GMT ldhill62
did the love come back too ?
Oct 03 2007 11:42 GMT LizSA
Bread.. you give them bread and spread for Christmas.... it is good bread you
buy there.....!!!
Oct 03 2007 11:54 GMT MrUku
Ah bread, the gift that keeps on giving.
Oct 05 2007 15:43 GMT Molly PRO
Think of it this way - the gifts didn't go into the bin. :-) Sometimes I'm not sure about mine.