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Tags blood nun


crappy phonecam shot: Did my bit for society by hanging with the holy and giving blood.

Turns out they didn't want my sodding blood this time. Damn me and my inability to prove that I didn't go to some back street accupuncturist in January
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 29 2007 18:51 GMT dave43
why I've always resisted the temptation to have myself fitted with lots of holes! Please perservere, I might need it!
Jul 29 2007 18:55 GMT dave43
added you cos you're so funny!
Jul 29 2007 19:03 GMT Sketty PRO
Cheers for that dave43. I'll do my best to keep you supplied with my red stuff if ever the need should arise :)
Jul 29 2007 19:14 GMT dave43
thanks, I try to donate still but getting a bit old!
Jul 29 2007 20:35 GMT stuboy
I wonder if they have a blood chart.
They would have top grade blood for the royals, V.I.Ps & the rich.
Then there would be good quality blood for the middle class.
ok blood for the working class.
& Sketty blood for all the tramps, drunks & farm animals.
Jul 29 2007 21:54 GMT Sketty PRO
You cheeky bastard. I'd voluntarily suck my blood back by osmosis if I thought you were benefitting from it sunshine!
Jul 29 2007 21:57 GMT stuboy
So, which one am I ?
tramp, drunk or farm animal ?
Jul 29 2007 22:00 GMT Sketty PRO
It's more a case of which one AREN'T you? I certainly couldn't choose