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This is one of my ex's. I was such a horrible girlfriend I drove him to try and kill me with his bare hands!

HAHAHA, it's good I can laugh now..........
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 09 2006 18:33 GMT rescue193uk PRO
70s or 80s im going by the hair lol and the light jeans and that 49ers shirt is so 80s lol
Dec 09 2006 18:41 GMT Sketty PRO
You wouldn't be tryin to work out a laydeeeeeeees AGE now would you Mr Rescue?

Dec 09 2006 18:50 GMT rescue193uk PRO
Not at all, just the date of the photo :)
Dec 09 2006 19:05 GMT stuboy
70's or 80's ?????
No, he looks much younger than that :-)
You do seem to drive them to it Sket, what's your secret ??????
Dec 09 2006 19:19 GMT Sketty PRO
My secret? Being absolutely awful girlfriend material and not giving a shiny shite :)
Dec 09 2006 19:24 GMT stuboy
That's not a secret, everyone knows that.
There must be something else that pushes them over the edge :-)
Dec 09 2006 20:01 GMT Sketty PRO
ok ok, the truth is I'm just too damn sweet and lovable and when they realise they can't keep me forever they go berserk and try to ensure that no one else gets me.

....being lovable is the bane of my frickin life
Dec 09 2006 21:59 GMT Phoenix PRO
Do you always pick up men by the litter bin - I would simple have given him a pound for a cup of tea.. Gosh, David Van Day has fallen on hard timnes hasn't he?
Dec 09 2006 22:27 GMT Sketty PRO
Tee hee, I bet the poor sod had loads of sweets and things for me in that bag....
Dec 09 2006 22:40 GMT ijbison PRO
Ah, it's a bag! I thought he'd gotten his hand clogged in a giant ball of chewing gum that he found under the seat of his deck chair. (Those pesky kids!)
Dec 10 2006 17:36 GMT mel123uk
Good lad coming equipped with deck chair and scran.
Dec 12 2006 21:04 GMT sallypuppy PRO
He is a looker, but it is sooo true that looks aren't everything. Bad temper has to go down the road! I speak from experence.