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broken orange vwbeetle vwbug vw


2/3 - wha's THIS bit for?

(waves fist at heavens)
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 01 2006 20:32 GMT ijbison PRO
I'm no expert, but it looks like the return dreck-link feed. The other end should be connected to the hockle-rotor assembly. If it comes loose the window mechanism doesn't work. Oh, and always keep the nipple greased.
Aug 01 2006 21:39 GMT Sketty PRO
you takin' the piss?

..and is it just ONE of my nipples which needs greasing? I'm confused, my t-shirt has a big stain on it now and the window still doesn't work
Aug 01 2006 22:01 GMT mel123uk
Lmao I would have thought if one needed greasing then both of them would have been in need.
Aug 01 2006 22:17 GMT ijbison PRO
Ah, see what you've done now is you've damaged the t-shirt assembly. It'll have to be replaced. Classic beginner's error there.
Aug 01 2006 22:46 GMT CaptainSpaulding
It looks a bit hi tech to me have you tried hitting it?
Aug 01 2006 23:17 GMT Phoenix PRO
That tube is so you can suck Tennants extra whilst driving, don't you know anything about your 'Bug' girl!!!!!
Aug 02 2006 02:45 GMT stuboy
Sketty, they are all taking the piss out of you, I worked in a garage for 10 years, that thing there is the inlet valve to the sprocket flange.

You need to grease both your nipples in order for a big end to glide freely into your gasket, this will keep the pistons lubricated & prevent the ball joint from seizing up, you must also make sure your front bush is free from dust & dirt as this may cause a misfire when going at full speed ;)
Aug 02 2006 03:35 GMT tony PRO
They're still all taking the piss because I'm pretty sure the hockle-rotor assembly was replaced by an orbital gimbal starting in 1963. And of course the sprocket flange is under the back seat, not in the door.

Most likely the purple tube is a sleeve around the torsion cable from the window crank, and the cable has broken and fallen out, leaving just the sleeve.
Aug 02 2006 17:06 GMT Sketty PRO
....so shall I just hit it with a hammer then?
Aug 02 2006 17:10 GMT Sketty PRO
Oh Stu, thanks - that explains it ALL! So basically, by maintaining my 'Telly Savalas' look I've ruined me front bush!

(slaps hand to head)
Aug 03 2006 23:22 GMT stuboy
Telly Savalas look ???? You mean you stick a lollipop up your .......Oh, hang on, I know what you mean now ;)
Aug 13 2006 10:31 GMT GeoffReeves
you will be there so long fixing it...its a feeding tube..
Aug 20 2006 13:57 GMT sikobonden
Don't cheapen it all by going for the head gasket.
Nov 16 2007 11:15 GMT maxelkat
This photo has been spotted in the great FOTOTHING ORANGE hunt: see the forum link below: