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1/2: After the December 25th massacre, the sprout army survivors reformed and despite age and deformity, these brave souls prepared to march to the promised land in unity and friendship

...unfortunately I ate 'em about half an hour after this photo was taken - mwhahahahahahaha!
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 19 2007 22:00 GMT stuboy
What goes on inside your head girl ???? LOL
Jan 19 2007 22:01 GMT rcm
You eat devil cabbage? I burn them and then sprinkle the ashes on running water.
Jan 19 2007 22:10 GMT ijbison PRO
I don't believe it. This little sprout story actually made me feel sad! I can be amazingly cynical and cold about human suffering, but stick eyes on some sprouts, add a few sad words and I'm almost in tears....
Jan 19 2007 22:12 GMT Sketty PRO
Shit, and now you've made me feel guilty for eating them.

"(weeps) they were soooooo brave, even to the end......"
Jan 19 2007 22:23 GMT av
are they family?
Jan 19 2007 23:02 GMT moniqpl
oh my, there are no happy endigs in this world.. :-|

hehe, Sketty, you always make me smile :)))
Jan 19 2007 23:03 GMT AlisonBC
*giggles* omg that is funny lol
Jan 20 2007 04:30 GMT Molly PRO
Saving Private Sprout....
Jan 20 2007 08:18 GMT ldhill62
love your imagination,if we ever get released at the same time we shuold meet :))
Jan 20 2007 08:20 GMT Educando
hahaha...very funny!
Jan 22 2007 15:23 GMT Steve PRO
I thought it was carrots that helped you see in the dark, not sprouts!
Jan 28 2007 12:08 GMT paparazziboy
..they deserved to die!..(hihihi),..I thought I was losing my mind,..but looking at your uploads make me feel born again!..
Feb 17 2007 07:02 GMT gailhunter
My little cat ate too many sprouts one christmas - the explosion could be heard over the Queens speech. Bison still shudders at the memories - it was indeed an 'anus horribilius'......