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This stupid heap of orange shite (Malcolm) failed his MOT test today!.


God-dang-stooopid-orange-stupid-STUPID-bleedin-idiotic-pieceofshit-STUPID-crappy-goshdarn-crappy heap of.....

The failure list: WINDSCREEN WIPERS (expected - they decided to conk out in the rain on the way to work yesterday), WATERBOTTLE (expected - it doesn't work), HEADLAMP (expected - it doesn't actually work either), EXHAUST (was brand new last April but I kinda thought it was a bit louder than it used to be), BRAKES (spent hundreds on them this time last year and had to return the car to the garage 3 times cause they just wouldn't work properly), FRONT AXLE BEARINGS (need welding - I'm scared)

*This pic taken before bodywork restoration*

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Comments on this photo:

Mar 23 2007 20:09 GMT Phoenix PRO
..............but apart from that, he's alright yeah?

Ahhhh, but wook at his liddle face!!!!
Mar 23 2007 22:28 GMT bazer PRO
Hi Sketty i used to fix these mostly welding and engine work you ether love them or hate them i never liked them much but the owners had so much grief and were nice people i did whot i could hope it dosent cost you too much yours deleted ;-];-];-];]
Mar 24 2007 00:27 GMT mel123uk
they are soooooooooo nit picky nowa days
Mar 24 2007 10:11 GMT rcm
Bugs should automatically pass on their legend status alone.
Mar 24 2007 13:16 GMT Sketty PRO
I'm really liking your thinking here rcm! I'll put it to the garage owner.....
Mar 24 2007 13:39 GMT Craig1000hk
:O bloody hell my ones due it's first MOT next year :O
Mar 24 2007 22:13 GMT LizSA
I say this softley......
Perhaps you should buy a old ladies car....(a white one.))!!!!
Mar 27 2007 08:01 GMT stuboy
My car passed it's last MOT :-)))))))))))))
Mar 27 2007 12:24 GMT Sketty PRO
Ah, but that's because it doesn't go higher than 25mph and the guys probably felt sorry for you ;-)
Mar 28 2007 06:39 GMT stuboy
I'll have you know I'm the proud owner of 3 points on my licence after being caught doing 78 mph :-)
Mar 28 2007 08:21 GMT Sketty PRO
Well, I doubt it was in the grannymobile.....

Apr 06 2007 00:13 GMT 1bebei
Apr 06 2007 12:57 GMT Sketty PRO
Blimey - it could be the same car!
Apr 18 2007 19:46 GMT doggydo
Oh dear!!! My human's car failed its MOT on Monday too. It has a hole in the exhaust pipe apparently (not the catalytic converter bit though).
Apparently my human has a paranoid fixation with the shocks absorbers. But they're fine.
And rather amazingly, at the last MOT there was a long list of stuff that was worn out (including the steering rack -scary too), but this time it's all miraculously fixed itself.
I know all this because my human mum tells me. :)
She sympathises with your automobile woes.
May 12 2007 16:20 GMT stuboy
Sep 10 2007 11:48 GMT paparazziboy