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sausages food England design texture


1 of 2) I submit this as tribute to the love of order and neatness of Steve....and yet he lives with me??

(curves, you had him sussed out already, didn't you?)

I'm told if he does a barbecue he lines the different meats up in alphabetical order too!
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 12 2006 21:00 GMT curves PRO
Heheheh....bet he even eats them in order too.........Tell him he can come and clean my grill too, that is one clean grill
Jan 12 2006 21:14 GMT Sheila PRO
Ah, well, the cleanliness of the oven and grill is down to me, curves! I polish my halo regularly too!
Jan 12 2006 21:31 GMT HMBPA PRO
I like a well organized man, it's important. On the other hand, doesn't cleanliness go with Godliness? So keep on polishing. :-))
Jan 13 2006 01:03 GMT KeithD
Thirty sausages! You must've been hungry!
Jan 13 2006 07:24 GMT a0000a PRO
Jan 13 2006 12:38 GMT PennyLane PRO
wonderful graphic elements in this photo, sheila. and tasty looking too! :)
Jan 13 2006 15:59 GMT jomoud PRO
alphabetically?.....of course
doesn't everyone?
great composition
Jan 30 2006 14:50 GMT pantladie
you might not go as far as steve with the sausages but you and i both have to have all the cups hanging in the same direction (and i'll admit that my books videos and cds are all in alphabetical order at uni even if the rest of my room is a mess!)