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It might have taken them nearly a year to get round to presenting it to me, but yesterday was the day for coffee and cake and a handshake with the Principal of the College for Blind and Partially Sighted where I teach. (Don't tell her, but I've forgotten half of it by now!) Nice to have all that hard work acknowledged though!

Now I'm working on learning Braille Music.
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 11 2012 15:00 GMT daveb
Well done Sheila- Congratulations. - But how can a blind person read braille and play an instrument at the same time?
Jul 11 2012 15:33 GMT wijnie58
Indeed well done Sheila...Congratulations with your braille certificate....:-))
Jul 11 2012 16:03 GMT julie13
Well done, a brilliant achievement :)
Jul 11 2012 16:56 GMT superJoan
Well done Sheila...is this just a hobby or are you to use it?
Jul 11 2012 17:05 GMT Annamaria
Congratulations, Sheila!! Good for you!!
Jul 11 2012 17:44 GMT Pam
Do they produce these in Braille for the non-sighted students?

Well done!
Jul 11 2012 18:04 GMT hans55 PRO
very good Sheila ..wel done !!
Jul 11 2012 20:43 GMT Sheila PRO
daveb, thay can't read and play at the same time but if they can read it to learn the music rather than having to rely on a teacher to play each bar to them for them to memorise, they will be that much more independent.
Jul 11 2012 20:47 GMT Sheila PRO
superJoan, I teach piano, cello, theory and violin at NCW http://www.newcollegeworcester.co.uk/

which caters for blind and partially sighted young people. So far I haven't used the Braille very much but a knowledge of Braille music will allow me to prepare resources for the students and I will be able to help them to learn it too, so that they can read new music after they have left school and no longer have a teacher to help them.
Jul 11 2012 20:48 GMT Sheila PRO
No, Pam, this is a course for sighted people to learn Braille.
Jul 12 2012 02:31 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Congratulations Sheila!!
Jul 12 2012 02:47 GMT potterjo
Congratulations! Very interesting explanation.
Jul 12 2012 06:12 GMT daveb
Thanks Sheila - yes I can understand that
Jul 12 2012 13:27 GMT martini957
Impressive...proud of you & for you...awesome....congratulations
Jul 12 2012 14:41 GMT jomoud PRO
Congratulations Sheila!!!!!
Wonderful accomplishment.
Jul 12 2012 18:29 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Congratulations Sheila, you're a driven teacher!
I have respect for what you've done!
Jul 13 2012 05:46 GMT legs4daze PRO
this is inspiring, good for you and also very informative; congrats and greetings from portland ;o)