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Town Paris Trocadero Architecture

744 views 2 people's favourite photo

Good evening all Fotothingers and lovely friends... !!
Unfortunately, I won't have also time to comment your pics during several weeks. So, do not feel obliged to comment mines. For those who don't know why, I will be back to school on next 5th March to start an intensive formation in the Art Graphic High School of Paris... A challenge, a dream, a new life for me... An enchantement !!

Here, " Trocadero " viewed from the top floor of the Eiffel Tower... I also decided to tag my photographs with my real name... myriam kieffer ;)
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 28 2007 19:38 GMT Laurie
Feb 28 2007 19:39 GMT cleftref PRO
Lovely view!

I only got to the deuxième étage!
Feb 28 2007 19:50 GMT mbear
a beautiful view...I remember me too! I watched it when I went in Paris, great emotion by night!
Feb 28 2007 19:54 GMT Lie
I love Paris....This is beautiful Scarlett !
Feb 28 2007 20:09 GMT beedabee
Dear Myriam want to wish you good luck and have a great time in Paris !
Excellent shot .. like all your pic!
Feb 28 2007 20:35 GMT Elly
good luck at Pris. i wish you all the best.
Feb 28 2007 20:43 GMT maguzz
yes, this is really a fantastic view ... i also had it once in life ... ;-)
are there still the rollerbladers and skaters on the place of trocadero ? ...
Feb 28 2007 20:46 GMT annaschnitfink
Dear Myriam: what a great picture you show us here. You can clearly see part of the ' grand boulevards ' as designed by Mr Hausmann...
Truly enjoy this short break until March 5th. I know for 100 % sure that you will realize your dream!!! Bonne chance, chere Myriam!!!
Feb 28 2007 20:50 GMT Nigel001
oh-oh! Impressive!!
Feb 28 2007 20:51 GMT gtc126
Outstanding shot.......Have fun!!!!
Feb 28 2007 21:01 GMT Satto
Beautiful view....great shot...nice Myriam...:-)
Feb 28 2007 21:49 GMT bennystr
Outstanding indeed!
Feb 28 2007 21:59 GMT Scarlett PRO
Yes maguzz, they always are there, even if they are less numerous... ;))
Feb 28 2007 22:01 GMT Scarlett PRO
Dear Anna, I can see you know Paris !! ;D
I made several pics from Eiffel Tower with a lot of happiness, I had never been at the top floor !! It was so great to play the tourist... Thank you for all you give to me dear Anna ! ;))
Feb 28 2007 22:57 GMT nika70
I hope you have still your camera..grrrr ;)
Fantastic capture..indeed!!
Mar 01 2007 04:20 GMT ashdad PRO
Great view!
Mar 01 2007 08:17 GMT Arik77
Fascinating view !
Mar 01 2007 11:04 GMT rohtas
Mar 01 2007 12:16 GMT ldhill62
perfect :))
Mar 02 2007 12:29 GMT Poulet PRO
An excellent one !! And,....you made me miss Paris !!! ;))))
My dear friend,
I wish you all the best and success in your coming class. I'm sure you'll catch the star !!
I'm SO PROUD of you, my dear friend, Myriam ! :))))
Mar 04 2007 18:06 GMT junne PRO
wow, how come not more people have taken this? (including me)
Mar 05 2007 08:49 GMT mp0255
Mar 05 2007 20:38 GMT hanek
What a beautiful viev .... et votre nom aussi !!!