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Something really odd happened a few nights ago.

I went out our front door to get something out of our car when I saw that Jay (our hound/mix) dog had gotten out of the back yard and was running loose.

One problem- this dog wasn't Jay. This is Jay:http://www.fotothing.com/Roadiepig/photo/dd008c5684a78fb8b1b978608f1f7602/

This dog was marked and colored just like him, but a tiny bit stockier and less white. He was loosing chunks of fur in a summer shed, just like Jay is also doing right now. And I knew that Jay was in the back yard, because I could hear him barking at this dog through the back fence.

I called the new dog over and was able to check his tags to find a callback number for his owner. The dogs name was Scrappy, and once I started calling him that by name he calmed down and followed me to the back yard (Lease had taken our two boys in by this time).

The owner came by a few minutes later (only lived 3 blocks to the east of our home!), and after talking to him for a few minutes we determined hat these two were brothers . They were both from the local vet-sponsored adoption service and were born around the same time.

He took Scrappy out through he gate and I had Lease send Jay out. Scrappy's owner couldn't believe how much they looked and acted the same. Jay generally doesn't like other dogs, and will occasionally growl and snap at dogs that are strangers to him.

But something really amazing happened- he let Scrappy sniff him all over, and wagged his tail the whole time. Scrappy let Jay do the same to him, then they just mellowed out and sat next to each other. My sister said this is not unusual behavior for dogs that have been separated after spending time together as puppies- they fall back in with each other like they never had been separated.

A perfect time for a photo. Scrappy is on the left, Jay the right.

I have Scrappy's owner's number saved on my cell phone sometime in the future when we are heading out for a walk I am going to give him a call to see if Jay could stop and spend a little time with his brother...
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Aug 04 2010 07:19 GMT hans55 PRO
its a small world !! :-)