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Off on a rant. Not something I usually do here , but...

A macro shot taken with the subject of the paragraphs below ;-)

I went to the local Sam's Club to buy a new point and shoot camera after work tonight. More for my Lease than myself, but these cameras come in handy for everyday things. My Minolta point and shoot is 4+ years old and has been malfunctioning for a little while now. I wanted to pick up an easy to use camera for Lease because...

She just found out her job of 15+ years has been terminated. Nothing she did wrong- just her employer found a way to pay people less to do the job she does in another town. I can't really blame her employer- this is a terrible time to try to run any kind of business. I don't want to get into a discussion of "It is all O'bama's fault" or "Blame it all on Bush", because I have my thoughts and you have yours. In this country right now no job is safe, no business wants to expand, and all businesses are looking at ways to save a buck. If they can hire two people in another town to do Lease's job, they are going to do it. It is wrong, bad for the future of this country, blah blah blah. Nothing I type here will change anyone's political view, so I won't even try.

Let me just say that the future for our children is not as nearly as bright as it was for my generation. I am just a few years (hopefully) away from retirement. Our boy probably won't be able to even think about that when he is our age.


I planned on buying a Kodak Z915 for Lease. She wanted to take a few photos of her co-workers before they shut the door and lock it for good. Last weekend, it was available for only $109.00, with a battery charger, Ni-Cad batteries, and a case.

Good deal for a basic 10 megapixel camera.



Total crap!

I know this is one of the last frivolous purchases I will be making for a long time, but it just ragged me off that it went up $40 since Saturday!

The Canon Powershot SX120IS is a far better camera, and they had it for another $30 more than the basic Kodak Z915.

Frivolous purchase with impending unemployment? Maybe so.

Oh well. I worked a bunch of overtime this winter. I won't be buying anything in the near future.

And Lease will be off full time with little chance of a new job in just a few week. She might even be babysitting/enjoying the company of our granddaughter much more when that happens.

For what this camera set me back, it will make it much easier to take snapshots of our granddaughter down the road. With the economy tanking and unemployment shooting over 10%, I might be free to take more snapshot before I wanted to too...

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Comments on this photo:

Mar 25 2010 05:47 GMT sini
We don't know what the future will bring...let's enjoy what we have today...just the little things can be great too...we don't need more and more and more to feel happy...lovely image b.t.w.!:)
Apr 13 2010 12:04 GMT JPHarr
We are in the midst of a global rebalancing, and those countries that enjoyed relative prosperity before the economic borders were opened are taking a hit. I can only hope we are in the bottom of the trough and on our way up again so that our kids can enjoy a new gold rush.
I had to resort to purchasing a used camera recently, a Canon G9, which I think was a good deal. Actually, it's in preparation for an assignment that will probably net us a bunch of overtime pay, so it's sort of already paid for.
Good luck to you both!