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We ended up getting a glaze of freezing rain yesterdays. Nothing heavy, but even 1/10th of an inch of freezing rain makes driving nearly impossible.

I lost the elevated curve at the North end of my route for around 4 hours yesterday. By the time we were called in, loaded our trucks and headed out to our routes the rain had already fallen and the damage was done. I drove5 mph for the entire first pass, making a drive that takes 20 minutes in dry conditions take over 2 hours, slipping back and forth all the way.

This is just one of many vehicles that ended up wrecked becasue they were driving too fast for the conditions. I had 15 semi trucks and at least 30 cars in the ditches on my route, most in that elevated curve. I had one van pass me doing at least 20 mph (this, while I was driving right down the middle of the lane so that I could apply salt to both lanes, and to discourage passing), lost control and slid right past the front of my truck and into the right ditch. I couldn't have missed hitting them by more than a few feet, and there was no way I could hit my brakes and stop even if I wanted to at that time.

About 10 minutes later, the same idiot passed me on the left side again! Somehow, he didn't loose control that time.

When they finally cleared enough cars out of my way so that I could treat the elevated curve, I had to drive my truck IN REVERSE, using my salt for traction, so I could treat the pavement. I had to swerve in and out of stuck vehicles to do this , too.

And guess what? The van that passed my those 2 times? It was stuck in the median, abandoned by its occupants.

I've said it for years (I think Ron White owes me some royalties, too)- you can't fix stupid....
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 02 2007 23:32 GMT kimbob
This reminds me of the time one of our busses slid down a hill and missed the turn--under conditions like you are describing---so the safety director went and jumped in the brand new Dodge Ram Diesel and went out to inspect the damage--and became part of it-----------
Dec 03 2007 12:31 GMT JPHarr
Haha! Make sure you snap fotos while piloting the salt truck. ;-)
Dec 04 2007 00:01 GMT Roadiepig PRO
I try to whenever it is safe, but Saturday wasn't that time. I shot this one while sitting at a stoplight, but never felt it was a good idea to take any of the major problems I had further north on my route ;(