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Dug up the last of my Yukon Gold potatoes a couple of days ago. I know- you aren't supposed to leave them in the ground after the start of August around here, but I have pretty good luck leaving them in dirt. I dig up a few at a time as I need them all summer and fall, and get the last few out for winter storage now.


All of the potatoes were in good shape. A few had eyes ready to sprout, but nothing to make them inedible.

And then there was this one- the one non-round potato that I named "The Duct-tater". Yeah, like dictator, only more benevolent.

Three days later, the area that made up the Duct-tater's bill has already shriveled up. If I could have figure out a way to preserve this thing, it would have been listed on Ebay already...
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 24 2008 22:21 GMT smiles66
Very funny looking potato. Great name for this malformed tater.
Oct 25 2008 02:32 GMT Ichthus1968
wow! very strange
Oct 25 2008 05:36 GMT sini
So special!:)
Oct 30 2008 23:40 GMT Misato12k
Oct 31 2008 02:11 GMT Roadiepig PRO
Thanks for the link- I sent them my photo!

It does look like a duck, don't you think?

Oct 31 2008 03:06 GMT virginiabrill

Nice Duck!
Oct 31 2008 04:29 GMT Misato12k
i think it does! especially the previous picture, hopefully they'll add it to their site! :)))
Nov 01 2008 17:12 GMT jenylew
Thats awesome!